Professing Themselves

Professing Themselves
Professing Themselves
by  PlushiesComics

Plushies knows the score.

The enemies of God would cheerfully destroy deductive logic, and reason itself, rather than admit that a random collection of atoms cannot make itself into even the most elementary and smallest of lifeforms. However many vast-but-finite number of atoms you are talking about, and however many vast-but-finite number of years you care to wait.

All these delusions, to escape the Law that Darwin hated: the vague and wimpy concept of “Natural Law by Nature’s God”, dreamt up by a dying Roman Empire to justify its power and shore up its authority.

You can imagine Darwin’s disgust over a Deity that actually speaks, and is willing to enforce His authority with the sword and with hellfire.

A disgust taught to him by the pious clergymen his family associated with, I bet! After all, when Darwinism first popped up, most scientists dismissed it, but most of the churchy religious professionals welcomed it.

Not a surprise.

As for the Big Bang itself… best not ask where that Big Bang came from. Or why it ever happened.

The Law of Biogenesis, on the other hand, is observational science that can be proven in the here and now, and is not some godless-miraculous untestable one time event that MUST exist if you want to protect a particular ideological commitment from being tested in the here and now.

Now, Plushies pointed to this video:

It’s worth the watch.

But let me throw this into the ring:

It’s best not to be so submissive and obedient to the Experts, always ready to defend the power of their guild… and have your tax dollars and your enforced silence pay for their legal and academic supremacy.

Time for a change, no?


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