Romans 13 and the Forever Losers

Just quoting myself from this post.

—<Quote begins>—

For Western Christians to actually be a free people again, they will have to learn how to question not only the authority of the Church, but the authority of the State as well.

The God-Haters are always eager to challenge and mock the Church… but never seem to get around to mocking and challenging the authority of the State.

Attacking *snort* Conservative *snort* leaders?

  • Sure, any time of any day!
    (And twice on Sundays.)

Actually restricting and challenging government power under Progressive leadership?

  • Never.

How about the System itself? The power of the Courts? Or of the Experts?

  • Only if they get off the Progressive reservation. So long as they stick to the Progressive party line, more power to the System is ALWAYS a good thing.

Note that , on the other side of the coin, the denominations always and forever sing about Romans 13, and our need to obey political leadership that openly despise our person, our beliefs, the Christian faith itself, and the commandments of God.

A curious war, where Secularists leadership continually attacks with raw pleasure and relish, and the Christian leadership side only surrenders and submits.

Christians might want to investigate exactly who is leading them, and which Deity the church leadership actually exalts above all things… in time, and on earth.

(A.k.a.: the deity that actually matters in our lives today.)

As for why only one side fights… Christians should look into the seminaries.

And then disband them.

The disestablishment of ungodly institutions is part of the Christian Way of Life, after all!

It has been since Jesus Christ set the example… and the prophets before Him, as well.


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