A Little Reichstag Fire

From Jordan Schachtel
One year later: the unsolved Jan 6 pipe bomber case screams of purposeful neglect, or worse

—<Quote begins>—

I only have one question about the January 6 spectacle, one year into this ridiculously overblown and politically weaponized fiasco.

What happened to the DNC and RNC pipe bomber? You know, the man or woman who reportedly planted “explosives” and reportedly attempted to commit mass casualty attacks in amazing simultaneous timing with the Jan 6 incident. The FBI has still has not made a single arrest related to the case.

Washington, D.C. is one of the most surveilled cities in America. The Capitol Hill area of D.C. is probably the most highly surveilled area in the city. On top of the standard security measures in place, private businesses, local authorities, and federal agencies possess a variety of additional surveillance capabilities in the area. 

The idea that somehow, someone could get away with a major crime — one that supposedly has the attention of the entire federal apparatus — is simply unfathomable.

In the aftermath of Jan 6, the feds leveraged every agency in the federal government to track down virtually every single individual who participated in the protests that day. Countless unarmed men and women who did not even participate in the rioting have been thrown in what amounts to a D.C. political prison (shoutout to Julie Kelly for her excellent reporting on this human rights atrocity) and accommodated with horrific inhumane conditions. While the feds have spent the past year prosecuting more than 700 people, largely for the act of trespassing, the man who committed the worst act of supposed terrorism remains free. 

Judging by their public behavior, the FBI seems entirely disinterested in catching the most overt and dangerous criminal involved in the January 6 incidents. Director Chris Wray has hardly said a word about the status of this DNC/RNC pipe bomber. 

Some in the corporate press have taken notice of this strange situation. If you ask the FBI, they give the same answer again and again – they’re very busy hunting down this man, but buried in paperwork related to the case!

“In the search for the person who left the pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC offices, investigators have interviewed more than 900 people, collected 39,000 video files and examined more than 400 leads,” the Associated Press reported Wednesday. “They have dived into the components of the explosives and have been working to try to discern anything they can about the suspect, from analyzing the person’s gait to trying to collect information about purchases of the distinctive Nike sneakers the person wore.”


You can see what’s happening from a mile away, because we’ve seen this movie before. The trail is going cold, similar to the end result of the Las Vegas shooting investigation, and the feds seem to prefer it that way. 

Again, it’s simply unfathomable that there is not a dead to rights named culprit.

It’s not like it took some time to track this person of interest. The feds were aware of this case immediately following the incident on January 6. The idea that they have nothing to show for it, one year later, speaks to purposeful neglect and/or a coverup. Given what we know about the surveillance capabilities possessed by the feds, none of the excuses for not finding this culprit make any sense. Do they know very well who this mysterious “pipe bomber” is, and they just don’t want to tell us?

On the one year anniversary of Jan 6, we should be demanding answers from lawmakers and the federal bureaucracy about what has become of this “pipe bomber” fellow. If politicians insist that this incident is so consequential to all Americans, we should at least have the right to know what has become of the alleged most concerning criminal of that day. 

—<Quote ends>—

If you are an actual reporter (as opposed to a media cheering section), you might want to look into this.

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