Joseph Foreman Speaks to the House Church Movement

To the “house” church movement.

You don’t want to start a “house church” that is as much of an idol as you believe the legacy church was where you found no life.

What you want is to fellowship with people together in groups small enough to change the world large enough to provide fellowship. Each member a temple/throne room, vital to any time or place it meets. Each church fellowship becoming the Building of the House of God together each brick, YOU, needing to be there.

You want the organization of that church structured around the gifts God has given his people exercising them on behalf of everyone as we all minister our gifts to each other. You want a Church where the gifts of teaching and leading build each member to full maturity so they can withstand the winds of doctrine not needing a teacher to teach them but rather enjoying those gifted to teach for how they build them up.

This church may meet in a home, in a garage, in a warehouse, in a building with a steeple, in the back yard.

Imagine church buildings with the pews cleared out and 8 fellowships meeting there at the 8 different meal times over any weekend with tables in the middle piled with food (or catered it doesn’t matter) and comfortable chairs all around that are moveable so small conversations can turn into large ones and lectures where appropriate or small private conversations can take place in the middle of large lecture ones without missing a beat.

Or imagine a living room, with people eating, sharing, rebuking, praising building up discussing what God is doing in each life resulting in teaching and praise and worship. Imagine leaders who facilitate this John 17 Unity.

It doesn’t matter what the structure is, there will be one and elders will be those who evidence the word of God in their life most clearly. Man removed from the center of focus and a meal with God and His people and all that comes with fellowship.

This is the gathering we were told not to neglect.

Don’t set your sights on the outside of the cup, whether its a building or a home or a field or a particular style of organizing. Set your sight on the heart of who Christ the living word who defines who we are and the heart of the world around us that God has put into our hands to change.

Create a place where His word dwells richly in you and leaders for whom that is their only goal and purpose.

Come join the fellowship of the lamb.

Don’t let your church become a “house” church.

Be the Church.

Joseph Foreman on Facebook
January 27, 2022

Things won’t change in this world until the Church changes.

Christ gave us authority over the world, with the keys to the Kingdom of God:

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, 
and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

Matthew 16:19, English Standard VErsion

We have the keys.

We are to expand the kingdom of heaven, and we hold the keys to that kingdom.

We can change things… and change things for the better!

But to change the outer world, we need to change ourselves, our hearts, our community first.

Let’s get to it.

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