Canadian Truckers, Freedom Convoys, GoFundMe Theft… and a Response

From Uncommon Descent, A characteristic of our times: Anarchy from above: Canadian truckers edition

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Barry commented recently that lockdowns had accomplished nothing. Canadian scholar Douglas Farrow offers some thoughts on the way current elite-driven government amounts to anarchy from above, as the COVID-19 situation illustrates. He quotes from and reflects on the writings of G. K. Chesterton:

Covid has been used, by men of the same sort, in an attempt to euthanize it. Such men are not philanthropists but misanthropes. Among themselves, they “pretend that they despise humanity for its weakness. As a matter of fact, they hate it for its strength” (Heretics XIV).

Let us show them something of that strength, then, so far as God grants it. Yes, “they have their great campaigns and cosmopolitan systems for the regimentation of millions, and the records of science and progress” (Eugenics 2, VIII). Yes, they behave as if they “had a right to dragoon and enslave fellow citizens as a kind of chemical experiment,” and to do so “in a state of reverent agnosticism” about what may come of it (1, II). But against all that, we have something more than “wild words of despair” to hurl back at them, words snatched away in the cruel, relentless winds of change. We have, as Chesterton points out in his final chapter, the lessons of history, including the example “of all the millions who died to destroy Prussianism” and eventually (though he did not live to see it) Nazism. We have, more fundamentally, knowledge that the cries of the oppressed are etched deep “in the red granite of the wrath of God” and that the pleas of the righteous will not go unheard.

Douglas Farrow, “Anarchy fromAbove, Part II” at Substack

Here’s what resistance to the anarchy means in Canada: The Convoy was peaceful compared to most demos. We just want to COVID Crazy to end. It’s not doing anything but harm. Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, max vaxxed, got COVID anyway.

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If the vaccinations do not protect people from COVID-19, why are they being mandated? To fill some pharmaceutical company’s coffers? To show the Inferiors who’s boss?

—<Quote begins>—

Here’s the elite response to the Convoy from Canada’s elite progressive government:

Our great freedom-guardian press has sought out every minor incident—and there have been only minor incidents in a protest involving thousands—to brand and colour the whole movement, amplified all criticism, taking to calling the truckers “yahoos,” wildly exaggerating slights or perceived “threats,” and for the most part studiously avoiding giving anything like a reasoned and calm account of the concerns of the citizens who constitute the protest.

PM Trudeau, having removed himself and gone into protection (he caught COVID, after receiving the vaccines and the booster, which might be seen as undercutting the need to mandate them on others), announced in the most febrile terms that they were “misogynists, racists, and science-deniers.” Further, that they are a contemptible “fringe.” On Jan. 31 he was at it again: “We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism …. There is no place in our country for threats, violence, or hatred.”e1

A great swathe of the press is in tune with the Mr. Trudeau. They exude a superior attitude to those they report on, some are describing the protestors as an “occupying force,” and are most outraged by the “honking.” Dear me. A wave of vandalized and burnt churches last year received far more tepid moralizing.

Rex Murphy, “Media’s Alarmist Reporting of Trucker Protest and Trudeau’s Intolerant Rhetoric Are Shameful” at Epoch Times (February 4, 2022)

In reality, the Canadian Freedom Convoy (end the lockdowns!) was a model of peaceful protest. Meanwhile…

GoFundMe has now seized the $10 million dollars Canadians contributed to the support of those camped in Ottawa aiming to end the destructive lockdowns and will give it to charities instead.

Over the past weeks, the GoFundMe account supporting the Canadian Freedom Convoy has raised over $9 million from small donors. Today, at the request of the Trudeau dictatorship, that account was shut down. To add injury to insult, GoFundMe has decided to repurpose the donations, sending them to a charity that has the approval of that corporation rather than returning them to the donors. You have to submit an “application” to get your money back.

Streiff, “GoFundMe Shuts Down Canadian Freedom Convoy Account and Sends the Money Where It Decides” at RedState (February 4, 2022)

The truckers are allowed to help decide where the money that was raised for them, while they wait for answers, will go instead.

—<Quote ends>—

So the money is stolen from the Inferiors, and instead funneled to trustworthy Progressive causes like the Marxist thieves at Black Lives Matter.

It’s a good time for a sermon on the Eighth Commandment: You Shall Not Steal.

Yes, I know: Our Betters sneer at the Commandments… and the One who gave them to us. Preach it anyways: those Laws of God are the shield of the weak against the strong, the foundation of the free working man against the contemptuous Masterclass.

In the meantime…

Freedom Convoy New Donation Site (Go Fund Me Theft) Canada Truckers Life As They Fight the vaccine mandates! Please Check Out Chris Taylor at Financial Fitness and his great video on the topic here:

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A people who pray and work, repent and sacrifice will, indeed, regain their freedom.

I hope the Canadians successfully get their chains and muzzles off, peacefully and effectively. That would be good to see.

Just listen to the Holy Spirit, help each other out, be firm yet peaceful, and don’t chicken out.

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