Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, Defunding the Police and Transsexualism

So where has the money gone? Spiked notes that “BLM’s impact report lists far more transgender-advocacy organisations as its recipients than organisations promoting black civil rights”. Six-figure grants were given to Trans United, Black Trans Circles, the Transgender District, the Black Trans Travel Fund, Black Trans Media, and the Trans Justice Funding Project, among a long list of others.

The Heritage Foundation has drawn attention to the group’s ‘BLM At Schools’ initiative, which aims to introduce the organisation’s race- and sex-based creed to school students across America.

The initiative’s website lists among its 13 guiding principles, ‘Globalism’, ‘Queer Affirming’, and ‘Trans Affirming’. It also borrows a phrase from BLM’s now-deleted ‘What We Believe’ manifesto to describe one of its chief aims as “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure”.

Black Lives Matter appears to be confused as to its purpose. Or is it?

In seeking to clarify BLM’s underlying philosophy — that of Critical Race Theory — author and cultural critic James Lindsay has recently offered two succinct definitions: “Calling everything you want to control ‘racist’ until it is fully under your control,” and, “A Marxian conflict theory of race; i.e., Race Marxism”.

Shady finances reveal flaws in BLM’s underlying philosophy
by Kurt Mahlburg

So, Black Lives Matter did not give a hoot about police brutality, defunding the police, or even black civil rights.

It was all just a pose.

BLM shouted day and night about George Floyd, but frankly could not care less about the man, nor what he represented. They merely prostituted his name, for the sake of their own interests and goals.

Well… at least the strongly Democratic police unions are satisfied.

Summary: if there will be any reform of the police, it will have to come from the more libertarian wing of the right.

It certainly won’t be from the Marxists, who will not lift a finger to restrict police powers — or even fight the government/business complex that IS fascism! — but merely want to redirect those police powers and corporate backing into a more pointedly anti-Christian direction.

That’s their road.

People who are weary of

  • lawless police forces (including asset seizure, and the drug war as a whole)
  • and soft fascism (corporate, medial, etc.)

will have to build our own road out of our cages Our Betters (and our own short-sighted foolishness, admittedly) have places us in.

And out of multi-generational poverty and powerlessness, while we’re at it.

And all of this will have to be done without any help from the Left.

(Indeed, I would bet on their increasing opposition at this point.)

And while that work is necessary, it will not be easy.

Prayer will be necessary, as well as a strong hope in victory in time and on earth.

Lots of perseverance and unshakable commitment.

Also, plenty of work, as well as unescapable sacrifice.

The sooner we get started, the sooner we finish.

Guide us, O Holy Spirit!

In Christ’s Name, Amen.

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