Watching Your Wallet

About a decade ago, I took my children to a seminar run by Jimmy Napier. Jimmy is the ultimate good old boy. He lives in Chipley, Florida.

He specializes in real estate and lending money. He has amassed a fortune. But he lives in an upper middle class home in a middle class neighborhood. He tithes. He counsels his seminars’ graduates two hours a morning five days a week, free of charge. Just phone him.

I took my wife and two of my children, who were in their early twenties. They got to attend free when I paid. I wanted my children to learn about real estate investing. They didn’t. They learned about lending money. What they learned is that you had better not be on the other side of the transaction.

Jimmy showed how much interest costs people. They saw the light. He showed them how consumer goods should not be paid for with borrowed money. They saw the light. He showed them how much money is made by credit card companies. They saw the light.

They both became fanatical about budgeting their money. They buy used cars with cash they save up. The only thing my daughter bought with debt is a house. She got a good deal for her money.

They listened to Jimmy in a way they would not have listened to me. The message stuck.

Inheritance Strategies – The Best $500 I Ever Spent on My Children
Gary North

Christians know that the Secular State has no interest in their financial success. To the contrary!

Therefore, Christians must be proactive in looking out for their independent financial interests. And the wise Christian will teach his children the real truths about money.

Eventually, our grinning oppressors will wither away. But we will still need to expand and nurture our families, and the Kingdom of God in general.

It is wrong to steal (via taxes) from our neighbours, believing and unbelieving, to fund our own concerns. Therefore, we must be able to generate enough income to build our own society, and grow/multiply our way of life.

That’s the road God has laid our before us, and that’s the road we should walk.

It’s OK to ask the Jews for some tips and hints for building a prosperity grounded on the Commandments: learn from the pros, I say!

(That’s a much better plan than fixating on some shouty Socialist clown.)

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