As the Climate-Scare Grows Thin…

From Climate Science is Imprecise, by David F. Coppedge

Climate science is not a primary focus of Creation-Evolution Headlines, but sometimes it helps to show how consensus science is manufactured. If “settled science” behind vaccine and mask mandates have been dubious, and if expert astronomers spend millions of dollars on “dark matter” that may not even exist, and if climate scientists keep revising their models of primary data, then maybe perceptive citizens should not be too quick to believe that Darwinian evolution is a fact.

The following news stories are all from pro-warmist secular sources. Climate, as shown below, is a complex issue with many factors that are poorly constrained. How much more complex is the history of life according to evolutionists covering millions of years?

Science is a source of authority, and thus of power.

Therefore, the Right Sort is interested in tilting it… editing it… biasing it… turning it into a hollow pack of lies, if it can help get their goals funded for the next five-ten years.

After the juice has been extracted, the corpse is dumped, and the Right Sort goes looking for another blood donor.

Note: There is a difference between the honest researchers gathering data in the field, and ‘Big Science.’ The latter, consisting of academic deans, journal editors, lobbyists and bureaucrats, often push political agendas in spite of anomalies found by researchers. The individual researcher wants to get raw data on a specific subject and analyze what it indicates. Big Science wants a consensus. Take note of that difference in the articles below.

The Christian’s job is to be that individual researcher in the field, getting the raw data.

Not power- and security-seeking political gamesters.

After 20-40 years of fieldwork, the senior Christian researcher can talk with other truth-seekers, and get some positive real-world findings. If they don’t care social games or the nice fat grants available if you support the Consensus, said Christians can actually increase our actual understanding of the universe.

But that’s the issue: after 20-40 years in the field, that nice juicy grant is going to look mighty tempting.

I suggest that most actual Christian research is going to be conducted by financially-independent people, or those willing to live poor and forego a family to get at the truth. Better set up a nice independent moneymaker first (five-ten years), and then spend the next two decades mastering the science and the literature.

Count the cost.

And expect not a lick of support from any denomination or church.

Forest canopy covers ‘obviously’ underestimated by current assessments, researchers find (, 16 Feb 2022). A fundamental piece of data going into climate models and warming estimates is the area of tree canopy measured from satellites. This article claims that those measurements over a part of China have been underestimated by 20%.

There are real holes in the data. Read the article (and its follow-up) to see all the holes for yourself.

Since “climate change” is so much in the news and dominates so much public policy on the assumption humans are causing it, we think our readers need to know about these papers and articles that are passed over by the mainstream media. The media wants to put out a uniform consensus message that humans are causing global warming. Big Tech even censors those who question the consensus.

Here again, though, we cite original source material by pro-warmist organizations and researchers to show how much guesswork and imprecision exists in the data. We keep finding more unknowns that were not considered before, bad assumptions and errors in measurement, and factors being rethought. They keep coming up every month. How many remaining unknowns are there? How much do scientists really know about climate change? You be the judge.

The agenda will not be denied, not by such flimsy things as “the facts” and “truth”.

Not when there is power and money to be gotten, stripped from the lives and wallets of the Inferiors and placed into the hands of the Betters.

But when the government money runs out, and the circus becomes irrelevant, the defiled scientific corpse will be dumped on a country roadside somewhere.

It will be up to us, Christians, to sort through the remains, and pick out what is actually real, and what is a politically-useful fake.

And then, on our own dime and our own time, begin to again expand our knowledge, our dominion, of this world.

My advise? Don’t trust big wallets, and don’t trust the scientific (or any other) guild.

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