A Better Diagnosis

A good podcast: Is It Time for a Better Diagnosis? Ep. 173 (guest Ron Kronz) at Chalcedon.com

Ron Kronz’s two books:

Fighting to Win: And Other Things I Didn’t Learn in Sunday School at Amazon.com

This book is about spiritual battle for professing Christians. The gloves will come off.

Spiritual victory has never been relegated to the personal sphere of the believer. For example – David and Goliath, Moses and Pharaoh, Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Paul at Mars Hill, Jesus and Satan, Jesus and Pilate to name a few. All of these engagements had broad covenantal and cultural ramifications, and were not limited to the personal behavior and lives of those directly involved in the conflict.

Fighting to Win juxtaposes the secular practice of Christianity with the unchanged mandates of God to take the land and all that is in it for the glory of God and of His great Kingdom.

In Fighting to Win, Ron presents a how-to guide to move the Christian from a defeatist, pessimistic worldview, to one of long-term victory and optimism wherein the reader is a full participant.

The Beast, the Whore, and the Forgotten Vision: Preface by Martin G. Selbrede at Amazon.com

“The Lord is our Judge. The Lord is our Lawgiver. The Lord is our King. He will save us.” – Isaiah 33:22

These words in Isaiah are no less true with the passage of time. Yet for centuries the visible church has abandoned the robust proclamation of the rights of the Lord Jesus Christ to preside over His creation. This needs to change.

Rather than throw Him the crumbs that conveniently fall from our table, we must assert the legitimate claims of the Lord into the world in which we find ourselves. He will elevate us to His table, to reign with Him as we do. Until we rise to this call, we will tepidly settle for the scraps of food our pagan judges, lawgivers, kings, and saviors throw our way.

By accepting these meager crumbs tossed thoughtlessly to us by the world’s leaders, we actually show our preference to be ruled by people who hate the Lord.

Christ deserves better.

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