Ikkin Investigates: Christian Symbolism in FFXV

Note that the mildly pro-Christian viewpoint of Final fantasy XV is a (temporary?) departure of most Japanese thinking. In most Japanese RPGs, the more closely a religion resembles Christianity, the more evil it is… and the more likely the hero will be physically fighting God/Jesus.

As they wish: after all, it is only natural for men, women, and children to hate God and His Law, and choose death over life.

That’s their road… and, implicitly, the chosen road of more than a few pastors, theologians and Christian professors right here in the West. Millions and millions of Christian laymen, too!

Actual believers, choosing life over death, have work to do. And sacrifices to make.

Usually not just one-time pain either, but some level of cross-bearing and yoke-hauling every single day.

That’s the price for victory and a future, as opposed to the safe and comfortable road to irrelevance and death the Western Body of Christ has chosen for itself.

Time to pay the price for victory, even if it’s a victory that will only blossom in AD 2060 or so. The more we delay, the longer we must wait to win.

Let’s be fruitful, worthwhile servants for once.

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