Winners and Losers

In the fight between Joseph H. Jackson (pro-civil rights, anti-civil disobedience) and Martin Luther King, Jr (pro-civil rights, pro-civil disobedience), Jackson won the political war within his denomination, and King won the political war outside the denomination.

As of 2022, these black liberal churches haven’t become an artifact of the past to the extent white conservative churches were in 1961… but it’s getting close. My suspicion is that around the 2030s — maybe a bit earlier, maybe a bit later — the liberal black Christians will be ditching the Christian bit, as surely as white liberal Christians did in the 1990s-early 2000s.

I also predict that black conservative Christians will remain separated from white conservative Christians for at least another generation, and quite likely generations, even centuries, to come.

A pity. But God will not tolerate His Law-Word coming second to anything else, be it progressive ideology or racial identity.

Neither left-wing nor right-wing humanism has a place in heaven, or in the new creation.

The Holy Spirit will go where it wants to go, and leave where it wills.

We will see who places God and His Will above everything else.

That is where the Holy Spirit will go.

That is where the future lies.

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