History and Destiny

From Gary North, Historiography and Destiny

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“History is written by the victors.”

You probably have read this statement. It’s true as far as it goes. But it misses the point. What is the point? The final victor. Who will be the final victor?

This is the issue of eschatology: the doctrine of the last things. Everyone has an eschatology, but most people don’t give it much thought.

Cosmic evolutionists have an eschatology: the heat death of the universe. In one phrase: “Eventually, everything will run out of gas.” Entropy is a one-way street to oblivion. The triumph of absolute zero will kill all life.

Then who will write history? No one. There will be no further history to write.

Then what is the meaning of life? There is none.

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The victors write the textbooks, but these offer ideal targets. A historian who believes that the prevailing Establishment will not maintain its control over the textbooks and media in the future has a chance to write a revisionist history of the nation. A revisionist history can serve as a weapon against the Establishment.

Indeed, without such pre-replacement histories, it is hard to recruit dedicated people who will commit to undermining the prevailing order.

Textbooks let the revolutionary identify the mistakes made by the defenders of the once-lost cause.

Murray Rothbard was one of the greatest economists of all time. He was also a gifted historian. He saw his task as a historian to provide evidence that the free market social order of the nineteenth century was not lost because of the failure of the market. It was lost because the statists were better politicians.

The cause was lost because the voters were not committed to the free society as a matter of principle. They thought they could vote themselves prosperity. Rothbard thought otherwise. So, in defending the free market as a source of liberty and therefore productivity — he thought these were linked — he also felt the need to write monographs on the multiple histories of the surrender. He always believed in the victory of liberty. He was a master revisionist historian because he was a master economist. But he was also optimistic about the future of liberty.

—<Quote ends>—

“A historian who believes that the prevailing Establishment will not maintain its control over the textbooks and media in the future has a chance to write a revisionist history of the nation.”

So long as Christians insist on giving their future into the hands of the state – a.k.a. the Establishment that despises them, with quiet but deep intensity – they will continue to fail.

Yes, even more than they do today.

However, when Christians decide to stop sacrificing their children to Moloch, things will change. Free babysitting is worthless – and worth less – compared to building a Christian future, for your people, your neighbourhood, your nation, your civilization.

I happen to prefer victory to defeat myself.
And not just in the afterlife.

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History textbooks are written by victors. But they are also written by wanna-be victors.

If you expect your cause to win, you need textbooks that reflect and reinforce this expectation. You need to understand the way the world works in terms of your concept of cause and effect. You need evidence of the following: sovereignty, authority, law, historical sanctions, and time.

If you do not expect your cause to win, you will not read, let alone write, textbooks that reflect and reinforce your views. What is the use? The cost-benefit analysis comes down on the side of this dictum: “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” This is the outlook of losers.

When the study of history is for amusement rather than conquest, it turns into narratives without significance: one thing after another. The stories can be well written, the way that the Durants wrote their stories. But when it came time to offer an explanation for the lessons of history, they had nothing much to say. No historian cites the Durants. I have never met any academic historian who has told me that he has read even one volume, let alone all eleven volumes. But their books are a gold mine of incidents to liven up monographs and textbooks. These stories are for amusement, not transformation. They do not change people’s minds regarding the way the world works. They do not lead to lifetime commitment.

I have offered lists of revisionist history books we need. But we will not get them until a hard core of self-disciplined, self-funded historians gain a sense of destiny.

—<Quote ends>—

We are not to be losers, worthless servants of God.

We are to be winners: and to gain authority, we must serve others. We must serve and train up a generation of even greater winners, our children. When we do this, we are worthy servants of God.

Our histories must be accurate, trustworthy, and powerful – filled with the Holy Spirit and His Word. To write the truth, we must be self-disciplined, value the truth and integrate integrity into our thinking and behaviour.

We must also be productive. Good thought must lead to good action (which includes good writing, for those called to expand the Kingdom of God in that manner.).

When what we write and say are indeed accurate and trustworthy – so that God and His Law-Word is glorified, even if we believing sinners are humiliated and humbled – then they will lead to transformation.

This will indeed change the way people see the world, understand how it works, lead to a lifetime commitment to expand the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ, King of Kings, is the Word of God, and will write the Final Judgement, the True History of all things.

Jesus Christ is the final and greatest victor among men.

If we ally ourselves to Him, and follow His commands and example, we will have a share in His triumph.

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