The Power of Conformity

The interesting bit isn’t the bad news: we already know that people love to conform, and spend very little thought as to if they should conform or not, so long as they Please Authority and Don’t Stand Out.

Still, majority opinion is illogically persuasive,  as some famous experiments by a psychologist named  Solomon Asch showed. He found that a third  of the time, students gave a wrong answer to  an easy question about the lengths of lines drawn  on a card, just because everyone else in the room  gave the same wrong answer.

The interesting bit is the good news.

But later studies  showed if one other person answered correctly,  conformity dropped dramatically. These studies  highlight the importance of standing for truth, regardless of the crowd. For more  information, visit

So, there is a reason for God to call out His prophets to serve, and a way for the individual to save at least a remnant with his words and actions.

Perhaps, more than just a remnant.

As always, be prepared to pay a certain price for challenging the Consensus. That’s just how it is: if Christ had to carry His cross, so must we.

But if the price can be “adjusted” to insure that you get a good living, and are only punished by social exile from the Inner Circles — in the style of Gary North — well, that ain’t too bad.

Also possible: earn your living in one field, and do your fighting in another field.

Or, work on the internet in one place, and write for another.

(Nod to more than a few Chinese folks).

Understand: Our Betters will always despise you. So, it is better for Christians to be entrepreneurs/small business owners, and earn their living directly by serving the customer, avoiding the guilds when possible.

Learn from the Jews: they know what’s what.


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