Kidnapping, Corporal Punishment, and Chinese Sex Slavery

There is a proverb: people get the government they deserve.

Christians in the West – and everywhere else – must work hard, so they don’t deserve the kind of government the Chinese people have earned.

To do this, the Law must be upheld.

The Law of God that insists on the protection of the weak, equality before the court for all, and a broad level of liberty: negative laws that ban certain actions, not positive paw that forces people to act in a certain way.

(Ever wonder why not only murder and rape, but kidnapping is punishable by execution?
Well, now you know.)

Also, a respect for truth as it is, as God defines it, not pushing propaganda that benefits the powerful and crushes the powerless.

With China, we see the dream world of the secularists: “All power in the hands of the Right Sort, and truth is nothing more than what the Party Men say it is.”

We must do better than that.

God demands it.

Thus, we must build a society that meets His standards.

Otherwise… the secularists – there and here – await with their grins and their chains, their endless lies and their endless oppression.

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