Plans and Prayers

Lawmakers in Cairo make lofty promises, saying that deserts will turn into farmland. But just how feasible is this plan?

Because an ambition without a plan might as well be a prayer.

God gave His people explicit Plans, Laws, Commandments, Purposes.

Plans and commands that are to be obeyed, to be put to work in time and on earth.

God’s people has explicitly chosen to despise His Law, His Plans, His Purposes.

And His Commandments as well.

But Christians — laymen and clergy — are good at offering lots of prayers!

Just not obedience.

And then they wonder why God ignores their prayers.

And wonder why their enemies contemptuously laugh at their prayers, as well.

Any time God’s people intend to actually obey God…

Any time God’s people are actually ready to pay the price for victory, in money and time and sweat…

(and — figuratively speaking, of course — cram a steel pipe into the teeth of their laughing enemies)

…then things will change.

But not a second before.

That’s the thing about respect.

Respect is earned.

In this life, as well as in the life to come.

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