Walking a Different Road

It looks like the younger Christians – those who remain in the West – are self-consciously choosing a different path than the dominant culture, a path that is often directly oppositional to the world.

God can work with people like this.

In a way that He could not work with their parents or grandparents.

There still will be troubles to come. But, assuming that the escapist Rapture mentality is ditched and the truth of God’s Law-world – Old and New Testaments – are embraced, those troubles can be turned into triumphs.

If the message “Jesus is King” is grasped and embraced to the fullest — for kings have laws, and expect obedience — I think that things will noticeably shift to the better over the next ten years.

At least so far as Christian obedience to God on earth — and thus, Christian victory in time and on earth — is concerned.

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