“Public health students are ignoramuses…” an Opportunity Beckons

I just want to highlight this letter from Tom Woods, one more time:

Quote from Public health students are ignoramuses, prof writes to tell me

—<Quote begins>—

Listen to the experts, they told us.

Well, the “public health” experts, it turns out, aren’t a particularly impressive bunch (in case that hasn’t become obvious by now).

Here’s what I just received in my mailbag:

I’m a professor at a major midwestern public university. My current job includes teaching graduate-level ethics courses in our medical school. We open these courses to any graduate student on campus via our certificate in health ethics program. This is necessary because medical students generally don’t want to enroll in ethics courses (and the previous two years demonstrate that fact).

Anyway, this semester I have two final-semester master’s in public health students. That means these newly minted public health experts will be unleashed on the population come May 2022. One would hope that these students would be prepared with certain skills — like the ability to read and critique a research paper, grade the quality of health-related research, or make decisions about which research findings ought to be applied to practice/policy and which should not. You would think that would be the case.

It is certainly not.

It is almost as if neither of these students has ever been asked to read an academic research paper. They are intrigued with childlike wonder by simple concepts related to reading and critiquing science. “I never knew….” I don’t know what students learn in public health programs, but it doesn’t seem like they learn anything that would actually be useful when real decisions have to be made.

Further, either these students have been subjected to the worst kind of educational negligence or their teachers in the public health program are just as unskilled and uncurious. On some level these students must be reflecting the influence of their teachers, an influence that has left them unqualified to do the jobs they are going to be doing within the next six months.

All in all, this is simply more evidence to me that the public health establishment is completely worthless. They are not experts even in their own fields. You’ve mentioned many times on the podcast that public health “experts” aren’t qualified to make sweeping decisions about what we should value. They are “qualified” to make recommendations about health-related matters, but not in a way that balances all the factors that make life worth living. Well, I would argue that they don’t even seem to be qualified to make recommendations about health-related matters. They are not qualified in any aspect of life to tell anyone else what ought to be done.

What the so-called public health experts have been allowed to get away with over the last two years is an unforgivable atrocity rife with unethical behavior, professional negligence, and intellectual dishonesty. They took what should have never been their 15 minutes in the spotlight and have turned it into a dumpster fire of epic proportions.

I have seen good evidence that these public health students are very well versed in diversity issues, meaning a lot of Marxist-based social, racial, and economics theory. They can certainly spout incoherent, society-destroying, logic-defying nonsense. Reading and critiquing health research? Nah.

I hope this is enlightening for many and emboldens folks to stand up to these fake intellectuals who are trying to rule over us. To the average citizen: they are not smarter than you. They only pretend to be.

I think on some level we all realized this, but it helps to receive this confirmation from inside the system.

I’m not in public health (Deo gratias), but I do have Ph.D. in history, and I can tell you that the departments teaching that subject aren’t much better.

So I decided to do something about it:


Tom Woods

—<Quote ends>—

Well-trained, well-educated, curious, wise, and courageous young Christians can knock these people hollow.

It’s time to build the future, via Liberty Classroom, or the Ron Paul Curriculum, or even the Khan Academy.

They have already decided to lose.

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