Sad News on DuckDuckGo


—<Quote begins>—

Guess Who’s Protecting Us From ‘Disinformation’ Now
By Tom Woods

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Some people prefer to avoid Google for privacy reasons, and because Google skews results in favor of establishment-approved content.

Those people often use a search engine called Duck Duck Go.

Well, the CEO of Duck Duck Go just made this announcement:

Mike Cernovich then came back with:

I can’t speak for you, dear reader, but I think I’ve had just about enough of being told what I can and cannot read, what is and what isn’t “disinformation,” and naive people who think these designations are for our own good and being put to benign purposes.

We want to let a search engine decide what information is legitimate?

You think that might be selectively applied? (It already is, of course.)

You think perfectly legitimate views won’t get caught in this dragnet? Half of Twitter already thinks you’re a Russian agent if you deviate from the State Department line even a little.

Nope, especially after two years of sinister weirdos shutting down discussion, I won’t be tricked into this.

If you’d like a search engine that doesn’t try to tell you what to think, consider

—<Quote ends>—

The Right Sort bags another conservative/libertarian.

And the freedom & liberty folk must move on, once again.

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