The Islamic Slave Trade

More grim business.

True: it’s someone elses’ sin.

On the other hand, that someone else loves to shout about how much they fear their deity, how merciful their deity is, how compassionate their deity is.

God uses them to teach us a lesson: “Don’t follow the road they have chosen.”

From Gary North’s The Slave Trade: Western and Islamic

The video is based on good research. He didn’t do original research, but he is familiar with the basic historical materials of the African slave trade.

I have known about the Islamic slave trade ever since I taught Western civilization at a university in the late 1960’s. Yet he asks a question that never occurred to me. It is such an obvious question. “Why are there no sub-Saharan Africans in North African Islamic societies?” In contrast, there are millions of African descendants in the Western Hemisphere. Yet the Islamic slave trade went on for seven centuries before the Western slave trade developed. It still goes on.

The answer is obvious, once you ask the question: The survival rates were virtually nonexistent for sub-Saharan Africans who were kidnapped by Islamic slave traders. He makes this point, and it is a valid one: it was a lot better to be kidnapped and sent west by a slave trader than to be kidnapped and sent north.

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