“What Was Over There… is Over Here!”

A snipped from the other blog:

—<Quote begins>—

Sadly, the imperial fearfulness-authoritarianism of Moscow and Beijing is increasingly obvious in Washington. Most obviously among those aging Progressive Politicians, but the Conservatives are not so far behind. Autocracy, lawless bullying, rampant fear, contempt for the law, and the love of secrecy is a sign of a declining and increasingly powerless Ruling Class.

In one way, this is a cheering thought. But we are still many years before the end of these empires. Until then, expect more thrashing fear and brutal, lawless punishment from the Powerful Ones before the money (and thus, the legitimacy) is gone and the walls come a’tumbling down.

Few empires get to die quietly, as the British and Soviet ones did. Most go down in a murderous and ugly mess, like the Third Imperium did.

—<Quote ends>—

Christians will have to build a better society, than what we had built before.

Our failure to lead in humility before God and His Law-Word led to the worship of Powerful Men above a Just God.

And so, what was over there is now over here.

But George Michael could only describe the problem, and did not have the cure.
Although he had the right idea Who had the cure… all he could do is despair in the end.

We must do what he could not do, and go where he could not go.

It begins with our repentance before God and His Law, for our sins that cripple and blind us.

THAT is where it beings, with our hearts open to the Holy Spirit, and our repentant hearts before God.

That is where it begins… but not where it ends.


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