University Money Games

Unless you really need a top-tier education in something that matters — say, engineering or medicine — what you actually want is a job license.

Get something fast, accredited, and cheap.

If the job license can be gotten by studying at home, great! Take a meat cleaver to cost.

Use CLEP to quiz out of the first two years of university. Thus keeping A LOT of money in your pocket.

The reason why you should use CLEP exams and not AP exams is that the student can take the exam within a week after he finishes the course. With AP exams, students have to wait until May. In the interim, they forget lots of stuff. This is why CLEP exams are ideal for the curriculum I am proposing.

Using Low-Cost CLEP (Not AP) Exams to Immunize Your Children from College Brainwashing
Gary North

Forget status.

From the comments:

14:30 In one study Princeton’s business school was ranked in the top 10 (by peer colleges) despite not even existing.

That’s absolutely hilarious.

A university buys status and job security. If you want an education, get a good internet link and a library card… and put it to work.

And again, but for would-be engineers:

I am writing this for high school juniors who have just received what seems to be bad news from their parents. My message: It’s good news for parental solvency, and it won’t hurt you a bit. But it’s not what you had in mind.

I am going to talk straight with you. I am probably the only person you will come in contact with who is willing to do this.

First, if you can get a bachelor’s degree in any field of engineering, you will have a middle-class income at age 21. You will probably have an upper-middle-class income by age 27.

Second, if you can get an MBA from any school by distance learning, no matter how obscure, and no matter how cheap, you’re going to guarantee yourself an upper-middle-class income. I suspect that within five years after you get your MBA, you will be getting more money as a salary than any of your peers in high school will receive. The combination of engineering skill and management ability is the passport to high income.

Third, what I’m about to say does not apply if you have received a full scholarship–room, board, and tuition–at MIT, Caltech, or Harvey Mudd College. If you get a degree from any of those schools, you will be in the upper tier at age 21. But you’re not going to get a full scholarship at those schools. Forget about it.

Once you’re not talking about those three schools, or maybe a half a dozen of the other major universities, it doesn’t matter where you get your degree from. One degree is as good as any other degree in terms of getting an entry-level job.

Saving Your Retirement if Your Child Majors in Engineering
Gary NorTH

Read the rest of the article: it’s open to the public.

It would be pleasant to see a vast sea of numeric-literate Christian youths move into engineering and the sciences. For more than the usual reasons: although good incomes do help in building big families of highly educated children.

(…starts eying the Jewish competition…)

If you don’t want to be number one, or at least push yourself — and your brothers and sisters to be better today than they were yesterday, to excel in a way that would please God — what are you even doing?

We must actually be the best, if we want to lead.

I see no reason why God, or Man, should tolerate anything less of us.


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