Take Care of Your Boys

Quora: What double-standard are you sick and tired of?

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Colin Riegels · admitted as a lawyer in five countries

I am not sure I’d use the words ‘sick and tired’ – more like ‘concerned’.

In many Western countries, if on any academic measure girls are shown to underperform boys, this is treated as a matter of concern. So when girls don’t perform as well as boys on some advanced maths classes in the UK, the matter is investigated, analysed, and steps are taken to make sure that nothing exists which impedes their education or limits their access to better educational opportunities.[1]

But to say that the reverse is not true would be a majestic understatement.

On almost every academic measure in primary and secondary schools, boys underperform compared to girls – by quite a wide margin.[2] And yet this is treated as unremarkable. Expected even. There is a collective shrug of the shoulders at the academic underperformance of male children across the socioeconomic spectrum.[3]

However, if at any time or in any subject girls underperform, the matter is swiftly investigated.


Why are we seemingly so content for boys to languish academically, and for no one to feel that this is a matter that needs to be looked at much less remedied? Why is more effort not put into addressing male underperformance in schools and to address whatever challenges that they face which exacerbate this?


[1] How can we reduce gender gaps in mathematics education? – Economics Observatory

[2] Gap in academic skills of girls and boys widens, show Sats

[3] Why Girls Tend to Get Better Grades Than Boys Do

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The Establishment is perfectly content to see boys fail. After all, boys tend to challenge Authority: “the fewer challenges and the less competent the challenge, the better.”

We need men who can competently, consistently and successfully challenge Authority.

Having girls do so may well be useful, but they have a wider set of obligations. Girls should decide if they enjoy fighting the powerful and corrupt as much as boys do, and are as willing to pay the price for such defiance.

It is no shame if girls don’t have a taste for such a life of war and aggression. Boys, however, are built to fight for their own, for what is right.

Equip the boys to do so, successfully, in a way that leads to triumph (and financial strength as well, so the can build their own families!) rather than shaming their people and their God.

The Establishment despises us.

We need disciplined warriors, who will fight and win for the long term, rather than merely destroy themselves in a shameful, ineffective, disgraceful, or kamikaze manner.

We need to care for our boys.

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