One Day, It Will Be You

From Quora: Woman Writes, “One Day it Will Be You”

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From: Kathy Pennell Author, 12 Young Adult Mysteries, 1 Adult Mystery at Lancaster County, PA (2000–present)

Woman Writes, “One Day it Will Be You”

”Twice this week, I have watched an elderly individual, fade into the busy life in which we all live. One man just needed Panadol for his wife but the shop assistant simply said it’s in ‘6’. But he struggled to navigate the supermarket and as I watched him go in the wrong direction, I left all my groceries and took him where he needed to go. Today, I watched an elderly man struggle in the heat, who had obviously had a fall with a huge scrape and blood on his leg. He walked past people in the cafe, while he slowly made his way to his car. Not one person stopped. Or looked. Or acknowledged him. I took him to his car and checked he was ok. He told me he had a fall and wasn’t sure how the air con worked in his car so he just didn’t use it. I sat with him, until his air con kicked in and heard him talk about the old frail body that he is in, that fails him now, every single day.”

“When you see an elderly person walking down the street, searching in the supermarket or struggling to their car, take a minute out of your busy schedule and ask them if they need a hand. Think about your grand parents and your parents and how pissed you would be if someone didn’t stop to help them. But more, think of them as you.”

“Once upon a time they were you. They were busy, they had work, they had children, they were able…. Today, they are just in an older body that is not going as fast as it used to and this busy life is confusing. They deserve our utmost respect and consideration. One day it will be you, it will be us. I wish more people gave a sh*t about them and acknowledged them for their admirable existence and geez I hope someday, not that far away, someone does it for me.”

Credit: Adele Barbaro- The Real Mumma Source: The Inspireist

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Not too long from now, during or after the Great Default — when the government slowly or quickly dumps its welfare promises and cheques, right across the West — there are going to be millions and millions of poor, weak, and sickly old people.

I suspect that quite a large percentage of them will be killed outright, as our godless nations legislate and expand euthanasia – the natural counterpart of abortion.

More “useless eaters” to be disposed of.

Also, “what goes around, comes around”.

In Contrast

Christians must protect our young, and we must protect our old.

This will not be easy, especially in a sickly and ailing economy and a rotten and depraved culture.

But God commands it, so we must do it.

Our old must be honoured, and the young must be nurtured.

If we obey God and His laws, we will be blessed with wealth and authority. This means that, with additional wealth and public respect, Divine compassion can be extended from within the family of believers (where it must start) and extend to the outer world.

Even as the fake saviour, the State, is revealed to be the empty idol it always was. Like any Ponzi scheme, it is generous when the economy is growing (and you don’t really need it), and collapses when you most need it, when things are tight.

We need to do better than the Socialists, the Communists, and the Keynesian secularists did.

Towards the End of Murdering Old and Young

Note: if we obey God, and are blessed by Him with political authority in due time, this includes treating both euthanasia and abortion as murder, and — after a lawful trial, as modelled by God when Adam and Eve stole from God, complete with testimony and witnesses, and outlined in more detail by Moses — due punishment, which in the case of murder is public execution.

Doctors — and other powerful guilds and castes, from government spies to clergymen — are going to lose their untouchable, Above-the-Law aura in a Christian society.

Be prepared.


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