Unreported Truths: COVID-19 Vaccines and Stolen Liberty

Two articles, from Alex Berenson‘s site Unreported Truths.

First, a copy-paste from The Covid vaccine era is ending already (which I first read on LewRockwell.com)

Second, the enormous damage to liberty and freedom demanded, and taken, by Progressives and official Communists… using COVID as their cover-story to justify their heart’s desire and natural totalitarian instincts.

As Alex reports in We are only beginning to grapple with the damage from lockdowns and vaccine mandates and Covid censorship.

(I like his subtitle here: “For two years, we gave up our freedoms for NOTHING. And the people who took them have not even acknowledged what they did, much less apologized or been held accountable.”)

The Master Class is confident that there will be no consequences, whatsoever, for their actions, their lies, and their joyful display of power over the Inferiors.

I disagree… but the price to be paid is difficult to predict at this moment.

It’s coming, though. That, I am rather confident of…

…but that faith is grounded in the power of God, who punishes the wicked.

And not some vain and laughable political nonsense about “the Anger of Concerned Conservatives”, or “the Vengeance of the Enraged Public”.

Place your faith in a God that is real.

Not in some fleshy forever-failures.

A godless public is a powerless public, without memory, without law, and without the ability or outrage to properly punish any abuse, any violation of boundaries… the boundaries that a godless public does not actually believe exists.

All secularists know this, instinctively…. and these Men of Power don’t believe in eternal, sacred boundaries either.

Or in any force that punishes boundary violations.

Except other Men of Power.

(And when I say Men of Power Violating Boundaries, I am not focusing on Putin, whose more of a bush-league strongman than anything else.

The Right Sort are far more interested in violating the boundaries of their citizens, than in violating international borders.

“Power Justifies All Things”, they say.

They are in for a surprise… but not because of some fantasy of a public finally fighting back. There will be no serious uprising until the government checks are no longer in the mail.)

From The Covid vaccine era is ending already: Not with a bang, but with a tiny little prick
By Alex Berenson

—<Quote begins>—

Vaccine passports are dead.

Vaccine mandates are deader.

Actual vaccinations are deadest of all.

All over Europe, countries are dropping Covid vaccination passports only months after introducing them. Since Friday, Italy and Greece have become the latest nations to say they will dump passport requirements as of May 1.

Both countries made the usual noises about no longer needing rules because Covid is so under control. “We are of course keeping a very close watch on the epidemic curve,” Italy’s prime minister said.

Yes, watching the number of new infections almost double in the last two weeks!

Viewed over the longer term, the picture is even worse. When Italy introduced its vaccine passport last September, it had roughly 4,000 infections a day. When it tightened restrictions in December, it had under 15,000.

Now it has 70,000 a day.

I cannot say this enough times: Covid vaccine restrictions are ending not because the mRNA vaccines have succeeded but because they have failed.

The depth of that failure is so complete that to explain it sounds almost conspiratorial. The mRNA vaccines do not just not work against Omicron, they have negative efficacy, which is why the most highly vaccinated countries in the world now have levels of infection far higher than they had last year or in 2020 – and far higher than countries that did not use the mRNA vaccines.

Here’s Austria, which in January became the first country in Europe to announce not just a vaccine passport but a Covid vaccine mandate. Austria now has more coronavirus infections than the United States – with a population 1/35th as large.

No wonder Austria dumped its mandate two weeks ago, before it ever really took effect. And no wonder the German parliament walked away last week from plans to pass its own mandate.

As a result, Omicron is rocketing around Europe and parts of East Asia at levels that were previously unthinkable. Meanwhile, countries that did not use mRNA jab (or to a lesser extent the DNA shot from AstraZeneca) have far, far smaller caseloads.

In the very short run, a second booster may reduce infections marginally. But even the most committed vaccine fanatics are pressing a fourth shot only half-heartedly, since clinical trial data supporting its use basically do not exist, and the pattern is now clear – once the supra-national antibodies wane, the protection does too.

While governments will not openly admit the Covid jabs have failed, their citizens understand the reality. Fewer than 80,000 Americans a day are now getting BOOSTERS – out of more than 100,000,000 people who are eligible. By definition, the booster audience should not be “vaccine-hesitant,” since it consists of people who already took Covid jabs.

Thus the only real question left is not whether countries will be able to convince their citizens to take more mRNA jabs but what happens next to the people who have already taken them – that is, whether they have any kind of durable immunity AFTER they are infected against reinfection either with Omicron or with other variants.

It is too soon to know, but the fact that infections are again rising in Israel less than two months after it saw a massive Omicron surge is worrisome.

Meanwhile, both Covid deaths and all-cause mortality remain stubbornly high:

The mRNA vaccine era began barely a year ago with incredible optimism. Unfortunately, the reality has been very different.

The question now becomes how much longer the governments, academics, companies, and journalists who pressed these shots on more than 1 billion people can keep denying the truth.

—<Quote end>—

From We are only beginning to grapple with the damage from lockdowns and vaccine mandates and Covid censorship: For two years, we gave up our freedoms for NOTHING. And the people who took them have not even acknowledged what they did, much less apologized or been held accountable

By Alex Berenson

—<Quote begins>—

I have mentioned Eugyppius before. He’s a German academic on Substack, smart, deeply skeptical of Covid interventions and vaccines.

Lately he’s been writing about Ukraine. I don’t agree with him. Like some of you, he’s in the pox-on-both-their-houses camp, a view I find essentially nihilistic.

I’m a cynic, not a nihilist.

The cynic understands and is unafraid to explain that the West left Ukraine exposed because of its green energy fantasies. The nihilist can’t or won’t draw a distinction between Russian soldiers and the Ukrainian civilians they are killing. Nihilism is its own kind of magical thinking, made worse because it’s disguised as gimlet-eyed realism.

But Eugyppius can’t see a difference between the West and Russia anymore. He’s angry. He’s angry at his leaders, and his fellow citizens. He’s angry at his country, and his continent, and the entire Western democratic experiment. Here’s what he wrote yesterday:

People in the West do not have much voice in government, they are not free… and western assimilated governments do not care about anybody’s rights. He illustrated the story with a photo from an anti-lockdown protest in the Netherlands a year ago.

Though the photo could have come just as easily from Australia six months ago. Or Canada last month.

Oh the places we and our leaders have gone in their hopeless quest to do something, anything, about Covid.

In the United States legal and cultural obstacles kept us from becoming quite as authoritarian. Until the last two years, I had never really understood the value for federalism and the brilliance of the Constitution.

Still, we went a long way. Millions of Americans – possibly tens of millions – were forced to take shots of a never-before-used biotechnology in order to keep their jobs. If Joe Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the public health authoritarians had had free rein, we would have gone even further.

Eugyppius is angry. And he’s right to be. The fact the mRNA shots have failed – a failure that appears to be worsening by the day, I have to write about the crisis unfolding in South Korea next – is the icing on the cake.

But the failure is NOT the most essential point. It’s not the cake.

The cake is this: even if the Covid interventions had worked, they were not merely unjustified but anathema to the West’s core values. Encouraging people to stay home or be vaccinated and requiring them to do so are entirely different.

Most of the Covid fanatics want desperately to forget how they behaved (except for a few of the true fanatics, who are getting ready for the next round). And, yes, it is cynical (but not nihilistic) to understand that their desire to forget is one reason they have focused so intently on Ukraine.

But we cannot forget, or let them forget. Not just because another wave of Covid is coming – in fact, it is already here in many of the mRNA-vaccinated countries – but because even if they do nothing more what they have already done has been so damaging to the West’s idea of itself.

And though the lockdowns and vaccine mandates are gone, the efforts at censorship are not. It is time to uproot the word “misinformation” from the vocabulary of every government official in every Western country. Governments should not be allowed – on their own, or through “partnerships” with private companies – to define what facts are acceptable for their citizens to see.

A country that claims to stand for freedom must itself be free.

Otherwise it is nothing more than the well-oiled propaganda machine that Eugyppius and his fellow nihilists claim.

—<Quote ends>—

I happen to believe that Eugyppius’ claim is more true than false.

But, I don’t think it is nihilistic to agree with him, as meaning is not derived from Faith in the State, nor should we have Faith in Our Leaders.

Indeed, if anything, I would suggest that the propaganda machines of the world are malfunctioning and failing more than usual… allowing us to see what’s really going on.

The system does not truly fail, until the Free Stuff ends:

  • first to the ghettos and the reservations,
  • then to the middle classes,
  • on to the Academics and the universities,
  • and finally, most significantly, to the major corporations and (gasp!) the senior banks. The hardened muscle backing the Progressive State.

Even though it will take a while before things get serious, it’s good to watch the legitimacy and authority of the Power Elite – medical and legal, as well as military and media – erode and rot and turn into an empty parody, before the welfare/debt bust-up, the Great Default, occurs.

Clowns should be seen as clowns.

And, in time, they will be treated as clowns.

If not by this fearful and faithless generation of adults, still trembling over the defeats of long ago (or, more likely, still living in hope of a decent pension and retirement health care)…

….then by a younger generation who has seen nothing but failure and incompetence from Our Betters, and know they will get no reward but hot air and social head-pats – “social credit” – from Believing Our Betters.


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