Feminine Sports

I suggest that Christian fathers, who care about their daughters, steer them far from sports and into something far more rewarding, spiritually and financially.

Like IT security, or nursing, or high-level arts, or entrepreneurship.

Motherhood is good: but this is an era of easy divorce. Christian women should be able to stand on their own feet if he need arises.

(But it is far better if the Church can offer real support to them. But it will take time to change the individualistic mindset and assumptions of congregations and believers.)

There are other reasons to stay out of sports, of course. For both women and men.

On the other hand, observing the corruption of both the military and corporate life, Christian men may well decide to avoid both roads… and build your own business.

I have a suspicion about the sciences. Certainly, they are being corrupted now, but the results of failure can’t be hidden for long. The persevering Christian who knows something about political gamesmanship may well find an in, or make one himself.

Just watch your back.

And focus on serving the customer, not the State, or any single major customer.

Dependence on Powerful People is unwise for a culture that is openly despised by Powerful People.

Think like a Jew.

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