Biblical Authority and Christian Unity

You’d think that Christians would be unified around the authority of the Bible.

Well, no.

Obedience to God often brings success in this world, as well as the next.

But lots of people want that success — money, authority, respect — without paying the price of obedience to God.

And Christians are not perfect: they can be fooled and tricked and deceived, to a greater or lesser extent.

“You can’t fool God.
But you CAN fool His people,
at least some of the time.”

Over time, the trickery and deceptions and lies are revealed. But once again, Christians are still sinners as much as the successful (in the worldly and godly sense) David and Solomon: pride can — and sometimes does — get in the way of repentance.

To grow, we must set aside our pride.

In a pagan culture, we must also set aside our love of the favourable opinion of the enemies of God, regardless of their accreditation, power, or influence.

God must come first, if we are to gain the future.

Aspects of God as God

The video correctly notes on one aspect of Divine Authority: His Ownership of the Universe, God as Creator.

Implicitly, another aspect is recognized: the trustworthiness and authority of the Holy Bible as the Word of God. We must recognize that God ha actually spoken, and that His words has authority.

There are other aspects to be noted as well: Chalcedon stresses His Law-Word, His right to lay down — and enforce — His Law, in time and on earth.

It is the hatred of a multitude of Western Christians for the authority of His Law-Word, that drove the hatred of the idea of God as Creator, and so powered the challenge of both the historically of the Bible and the search for an unintelligent origin of heaven and earth.

“Get God off His throne…
…so the Right Sort can get on it instead!”

Death and Life

The hatred of God leads to sterility, poverty, hopelessness, and death: but, so long as it is a comfortable death, most Westerners (…and Easterners…) are content with their choice.

This is not good enough for the servants of God.

We must repent, and live, and inherit the future.

To repent is to recognize that God speaks the authoritative truth, that His word is the Law, and that we are obliged to obey God, and live.

Our forefathers were evil — quite often, self-consciously so — and implicitly, aggressively worked to deny the authority of God while attempting to keep the fruits of obedience, choosing to fundamentally attribute those fruits to racial purity, intelligence, the scientific method, the right political or economic policy, a specific government, etc.

And so, the fruits rot and grow poisonous in our hands. We have truly mind-boggling levels of wealth and knowledge compared to the 1850s — or the 1950s — and a future that has been zeroed out.

As well as far less liberty, and even sanity.

There ARE better or worse political policies, intelligence IS a benefit… but these are not the source of Divine blessings of prosperity, economic & demographic growth, justice, etc.

Worshipping tools — even powerful tools — is a fool’s decision.

Purpose must be Divine, if it is to be worth anything at all.

Law apart from God isn’t law at all, but merely the will of powerful men.
Nothing more.

Biblical Authority and Christian Unity

The future belongs to those who recognize Biblical Authority, and live in accordance to it.

People who want to live under God are rather likely to recognize each other, and link up together in spirit and in truth.

The assorted fakes who just want the delicious fruits without the real roots in God and His Law-word will be revealed as the fakes they are.

That’s rather easy to sniff out now. But will be more difficult when it, once again, proves to be politically expedient to publicly play the Christian.

But that era is still several generations in the future, and requires more than the inevitable bankruptcy of secular society: it also requires active repentance and renewed, sacrificial, multi-generational obedience on the part of Christians, unified under the authority and commandments of God Most High.

Starting today.


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