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From Goal-Setting for Success – Establishing Goals As a Series of Steps: My Personal Experience by Gary North

—<Quote begins>—

For a writer/publisher, the Internet/Web changed 80% of the marketing world of 1995. Typing, revising, reading are about the same, but not marketing.

Researching is different, due to search engines.

Publishing by PDF lets me publish a book in under two minutes. It costs me nothing.

There is no way that Ludwig von Mises in 1973, the year he died, could have imagined Mises.org.

Yet the basics of writing are the same. There is no digital tool that makes a person more creative. Mises today would be no smarter, no more insightful, because of the Web.

I do not think this will change. But the changes that Moore’s law will produce, if extended 40 years, will undoubtedly make digital computers far more human-like than they are today. Doubling chip capacity every year will have enormous repercussions. Yet computers are digital. We are analogical. Machines do not image God. So, the machines will not write our books. But if they ever do, they will probably read them, too — in seconds, not hours.

—<Quote ends>—

As of now, the Web IS marketing.

Well… about 90-96% of it.

“There is no digital tool that makes a person more creative.
Mises today would be no smarter, no more insightful, because of the Web.”

That’s the money shot.

If anything, children today are becoming more easily distractible, more unable to focus, and more susceptible to groupthink due to social media.

Christian children have a lot on their plate, put there by God.

They must grow to be righteous kings and holy priests, even if their kingdom never extends much beyond the walls of their house, and their priestly congregation is just a house church of their family and maybe a few friends.

Even excellent men with small domains and tiny, ‘weak’ fiefs are of use, even great value, to God.

And from such fertile and rich godly soil, will come – in time, perhaps a few decades or generations — leaders that God will find worthy to place in charge of important regional corporations, heads of towns and cities and local courts, influential churches and prayer circles…

…and websites, institutes, media networks — Gab.com is run from a cabin in the woods — video channels, and online meeting rooms.

Technology, while certainly needed, is not enough.

Insight, wisdom, a foundation of truth and justice – even the desire to value and gain truth and justice! – are needed, and are flat-out gifts of God.

Note that certainly pagans can be creative in a given realm: observe Arabic art or Japanese aesthetics. They set a standard we have not reached.

We should reach such standards… later.

Truth, justice, righteousness, law — as defined by God, and not by Powerful Men:
that comes FIRST.


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