Ice Age Floods Visualized

Not fro a creationist viewpoint… but still educational.

I suggest that it’s worth a look!

If you want to investigate further, the video comes with a selection of links:

Randall Carlson YouTube links:
Drumlins: – Ep. 47 with Jerome Lesemann – Ep. 67 with Jerome Lesemann – Ep. 53 Finger Lakes

Back-Floods: – Ep. 74 Opposite Flows – Ep. 65 Back-Floods

Ice Dams: – Ep. 72 Glacier Dam Problems – Ep. 71 Pressure & Glacial Dams – Ep. 70 Immense Ice Dam – Ep. 68 Missoula Ice Dam

Glacial Lake Agassiz: – Antonio Zamora

Flood videos: – Dry Falls Animation – Johnson Canyon Flash Flood – Ice Flow/Jam Footage – Water Rushes back

Randall Trip Videos: – Channeled Scablands / AncientPresence – Southwest trip / SpencerVybes – Scablands / SpencerVybes



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