Apostate Churches and Christian Civilization

From the chapter “Christian Renaissance” in Disciple the Nations by Stephen Perks

—<Quote begins>—

What we call the Reformation was not a Reformation at all. It was an Exodus. The Reformers never reformed the Roman Church. Not one Reformer achieved such a reformation. And if one had, Protestants would not recognise him as a Reformer at all. Misuse of words and terms can be a great snare. The Reformers did not reform any Church. If they had done so there would exist today a Reformed Roman Catholic Church. No such Church exists. Rather, they left the Roman Church, or were thrown out of it, and they then started again. They built a new Church altogether.

The correct term for what the Reformers accomplished is Ecclesial Renaissance, i.e. a new birth of the Church. They did not reform the Church, they left the Roman Catholic Church and their work led to the rebirth of the Christian Church in a new form. Unfortunately the word renaissance is used for the Human- ist Renaissance that preceded what we call the Reformation and so its use to describe the work of the Reformers is likely to cause confusion, although in some respects the Reformation was part of the Renaissance, and in other respects not so. Nevertheless, the term Ecclesial Renaissance is the correct description of the great work that the Reformers accomplished.


It seems incontestable to me now that although God can reform apostate Churches he does not do so. God has never reformed an apostate Church. “If the salt has lost its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be reformed.” Is that what Jesus really said? Of course not. He said: “If the salt has lost its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?”—in other words it cannot be made salty again—“It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot ” (Mt. 5:13). Either we believe the words of the Lord Jesus or we do not. God does not reform apostate Churches. He starts again. The new wine must have new wineskins if it is not to be wasted. Not only the Bible but history as well teaches this lesson. The Protestant Church has gone the way of the rest and is unreformable because God does not reform apostate Churches.

The Reformation was not a Reformation of anything. It was an Exodus and a new beginning, a rebirth of the Church. We do not need any more Reformations. They are useless because God does not deal in Church Reformations, he deals in new beginnings, new births, renaissance, resurrection—but of course there can be no resurrection without the death of what went before. We need an Exodus and a new beginning, a Christian renaissance. But this renaissance needs to be much wider and more exhaustive than a mere ecclesial renaissance. It must be nothing less than resurrection, the birth of a new Christian social order, a new Christian civilisation.


We need an Exodus and renaissance, not a Reformation, and we need to pray for an Exodus and renaissance not a Reformation, because God will not give us a Reformation and we need to pray according to Scripture and God’s will.

But here is the important point: in our generation there has never been a better time to start on this new beginning, this Exodus and conquest of the promised land, than the present, since these dreadful Churches, these temples of heresy and apostasy, have now shown themselves to be utterly compromised with the world and complicit with the godless secular State in its fascist aspirations to replace God as sovereign over every aspect of human life. The Church has not merely been silent, but complicit with this diabolical agenda. The time has surely come for Christians to gird up their loins, start on a new Exodus into the promised land, and reclaim their citizenship of the Kingdom of God from those who have sought to dispossess them of it for so long. Reform will not take us where we need to be and should be. It will merely trap us in the past, a past that will repeat the paralysis, cowardice and failure that characterised the Church in the twentieth century. We must leave Egypt, leave the house of slavery, and pursue the freedom under God that the Lord Jesus Christ has promised us.

—<Quote ends>—

We must have the rule of a predictable and just law.

We need a Lawgiver who isn’t merely some wealthy man, a smooth-talking demagogue/ ideologue, yet another military thug, or some high-level secret service asset like Bush the Elder or Putin (Head of the CIA and hand-picked KGB operative, respectively).

We need the REAL Lawgiver, Jesus Christ. Someone who is competent, rather than merely some self-serving power-hungry, self-worshipping fraud like the lot Our Betters are always pushing on us.

Jesus Christ upheld the will of His Father. These other substitutes are interested in upholding no one will but their own.

Jesus Christ IS God. These fake tinsel-idols are not.

Jesus Christ cares for the flock. The propped-up heroes of Our Betters care for nothing but themselves… and, maybe, up to a point, their inner circle.

Jesus Christ is the winner. These short-sighted delusionals are only ever going to lose.

The Protestant denominations have no political interest except in being cheerleaders for the right-wing humanists. They clergy certainly have no interest in expanding Christian civilization, or teaching their people the Law and the need for obedience.

We must leave the forever-failures behind, to be ground under the heels of men.

God’s people are to be the head, and not the tail, of society.

God’s people are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, self-governing as they have the Law of God engraved on their hearts.

God’s people are expected to win: slowly, then swiftly after a record of solid obedience.

All of God’s people are to be priests, and all of God’s people are to be kings, working and living under the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the very Son of God.

God’s people must expand the Kingdom of God.

This is what we were born to do.

HOW we should do so differs from man to man.

It is required that every believing man, woman, and child to carefully, individually discern, listen to, and obey the Holy Spirit speaking to them, as tested by the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

One war and one army under one Lord…

…but many different battlefields, different specialists, different operators, different sets of required skills.

Take God seriously, and He will take you seriously.

Now, let’s build Christian civilization, the Kingdom of God and His Law-Word, in our families, churches and neighbourhoods.

Step by step, little by little.

Exodus 23:30, ESV

Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and possess the land.

Let the Exodus begin.

And let’s dump Pharaoh, his self-serving lies, his power-hunger, his chains, and his (cheaply!) bought-and-paid for clerical establishment behind.


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