We Must Move the Ideas Forward

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“We Must Move the Ideas Forward”

By Mark Rushdoony

Most of you are probably aware that my brother-in-law, Dr. Gary North, passed away on February 24th at the age of 80. He was the last of the first-generation leaders of Christian Reconstruction. My father, R.J. Rushdoony (d. 2001), coined the term and at onetime employed Gary, Greg Bahnsen (d. 1995), and David Chilton (d. 1997).

Many have said Christian Reconstruction died years ago, but they are unaware of the widespread influence of the writings and lectures of these men. We wrongly see a movement as necessitating a powerful leader, but from the beginning my father saw Christian Reconstruction as an idea, that of the responsibilities of the citizens of the Kingdom of our Lord in an age of humanism in church and state. He was specifically advised that Chalcedon (est. 1965) could not survive based upon ideas alone, that a program was needed in order to raise funds. He was told that the real money was in fighting communism, but my father was not content to have a negative ministry opposing evil. Christian Reconstruction was about a groundwork to further righteousness.

Greg Bahnsen’s works have been organized by his heirs. Gary North put all his works online. David Chilton’s material is still available, and Chalcedon is making my father’s works available not only in print, but also digitally in numerous formats.

Christian Reconstruction is very much alive, and the chaos of our time is symptomatic of the collapse of modern humanism. The rise of Christian conversions (in most of the world, if not in Europe and North America), and the collapse of humanism, (a scary but necessary development), is setting the stage for major changes in the world. We should pray that the Holy Spirit would make this the occasion for a tremendous growth-spurt of the Kingdom.

There is a massive archive of material represented by Greg Bahnsen, Gary North, David Chilton, and my father, but it is now up to us to move those ideas forward for the glory of God and His Christ.

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