“A map of the world, but horrifically balkanized”

from A map of the world, but horrifically balkanized
by u/burritoburkito6
in r/Imaginarymaps

This isn’t too bad, really.

Although I would prefer far smaller pieces: sovereign counties and towns. Large cities of a million or more should also be divided (in my opinion), but encouraged to work together on projects of mutual interest: power, sanitation, water, etc.

Democracies don’t work very well with populations of over a million, after all. And I do believe that people should get the leadership they desire… good and hard.

What I don’t like are massive empires with unaccountable masters and power elites, with endless piles of bureaucracy to further shield the powerful from the tiniest possible scrap of accountability.

Two caveats: the Law of God must apply everywhere: for example, no murder or theft or oppression because the Leader or the Priest or the Scientist or the Party or the Supreme Court says so.

“And who says so?”
“God says so.”
“And if I choose to ignore Him?”
“Expect pain and suffering from His hand.”
“And the church is going to….?”
“The assembly and congregations of Christians will condemn you for your disobedience.”
“That’s it?”
“Also, exclude the disobedient from Christian groups and associations.”
“Anything else?”
“Nope. God is all-powerful, He will handle the vengeance side Himself, personally. His friends need only present the evidence in public, and deliver a lawful verdict before His eyes, in public for all to see.”
“No crusades?”
“No offensive wars, not even against sinful nations. Christians have no permission to do that.”

Also, in addition to the rights of life, property and liberty includes the right to travel, to cross the borders without any need for passports or ID. The locals need not sell or give you a thing: but as long as you don’t harm others, you must be permitted to go on your way.

From the comments:

I love that some of these countries would have about 12 people living in them

And some 50 million like lower egypt or punjab

One of them actually encompasses a region with literally zero population at all
It’s Bir Tawil

OK, there’s some more work to be done.

But it’s a start.

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