Mission Minded – Episode 66

Creation is part of the package.

And, I admit you need creation — that God created the world out of nothing, within six 24-hr days about 6000 years ago — before you can move on to Law, Sin, and the Salvation that Christ brought to the world.

And onwards to the worldwide expansion of the Kingdom of God — and the discipling of the nations to Christ and His Law-Word, as shaped and directed by the Holy Spirit.1

And on to the defeat of Satan, the Second Coming of Christ, and the Final Judgement.

1Some people actually believe that the Kingdom of God is weaker, because Jesus Christ left us and sent the Holy Spirit instead. NOT SO!

This is not a contest of power, but a contest of servants. Who has the more loyal, effective, faithful, and obedient servants: God or Satan?

God has no time for worthless servants.

But worthy, faithful, industrious, holy, righteous servants of Christ Jesus?

There is a good place for them!


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