Dragon Legends

“All the evidence that fits?”

No, we need ALL the evidence.

Not some nonsense that airily brushes away the existence of dinosaur blood and soft tissue 65 million years after their supposed extinction.

Dinosaur soft tissue.

SIXTY-FIVE MILLION YEARS after the dinosaur died.

Darwinians just don’t care about reality: they just hate God, and will say literally anything to deny Him His rightful place as creator.

They are contemptible, and need to be called out.

From Incontrovertible Dinosaur DNA Reported by David F. Coppedge

—<Quote begins>—

It’s become clear that evolutionists don’t have any options left to deny that this is original, primordial tissue from dinosaur fossils. The current paper admits this, and makes the problem even worse for deep time believers:

The preservation of cell nuclei in long extinct organisms is currently considered rare and exceptional. Due to the fragility of nucleic acids, nuclei are thought to degrade extremely rapidly after death (sometimes within hours postmortem), leaving almost no chance for these structures to enter the fossil record (e.g., ref. 1). However, the paleontological literature is full of histological reports of fossil tissues with exquisitely preserved nuclei and even sub-nuclear structures like nucleoli or chromosomes in multiple stages of cell division. These examples are numerous and include nuclei from permafrost-preserved Cenozoic mammals, Mesozoic dinosaurs, various Cenozoic, Mesozoic, and Paleozoic plants, and even embryo-like fossil cell clusters that are more than 600 Million years (My) old (e.g., refs. 3,4,5,6,7).

So what are evolutionists to do? They didn’t predict this. They didn’t expect this. Since fossils as young as a few million Darwin Years old to fossils 600 million Darwin years old (Precambrian, before the Cambrian explosion), all have this primordial cell material, it looks like none of it can be anywhere near as old as claimed. They all look a few thousand years old at most.

In this predicament, evolutionists are squeezed in a vise grip. They know they cannot follow the evidence where it leads. The price is too high. It would collapse the whole Darwin house of cards in an instant. Most repugnant to them, it would give aid and comfort to the hated creationists, showing that the Darwin timeline is wrong and the Biblical young-earth time frame is correct. Nearly 200 years of dogma about millions of years would unravel, and Darwinism itself would collapse, not having the time needed for chance to work its miracles. It would totally embarrass evolutionists before the watching world, and the ripple effect would impact evolutionary geology and evolutionary cosmology as well. They cannot let this happen! What to do?

The apparent strategy is to engage in cognitive dissonance: indeed, to embrace it. In other words, they’re saying, “We know that DNA cannot last long, but it did.” The paper demonstrates this:

These data show that some of the original nuclear biochemistry is preserved in this dinosaur cartilage material and further support the hypothesis that cartilage is very prone to nuclear fossilization and a perfect candidate to further understand DNA preservation in deep time.

This is a classic example of a Big Lie. The question is, will the public accept it if they keep repeating it enough times?

—<Quote ends>—

If Christians raising children, and teaching the truth, unite against the Big Lie, then Darwinians will fall sooner… and God will give His believers the credit.

If Christians refuse to fight the liars, the Darwinians will fall… but decades later, after causing even more destruction and perversion, death and delusion. And God will give someone else the credit, while Christians will continue to remain on the back of the bus.

The bus is driven by God-hating lunatics, who couldn’t care less about reality or truth, but only about what they want, right now.

It’s time to change bus drivers.

Great nations have been crippled, ruined, even destroyed by evil leadership before: see Germany, Russia, France, and China for the most obvious examples.

Innocent, even righteous families, have been destroyed because they tolerated and trusted in the rule of liars, thieves, and murderers.1

We can’t afford to go down the road to submission to blatant evil. That road — surprise, surprise! — leads to madness, poverty, oppression, death.

We need to chose differently than our forefathers did.

We must choose to stand for Christ.

We must choose to win, despite the real costs victory demands.

We must disciple, not just the nations, but also the sciences.

For Christ is King of all things, all of human society, all thought and all action.

Wherever sin is, there we must be, to crush its head.

We cannot let lies triumph.

To give victory to liars means death.

The God of Truth commands us to live in His light, and to beat back the darkness.

What He commands, we must do.

A quote from Incontrovertible Dinosaur DNA Reported by David F. Coppedge:

—<Quote begins>—

Deep time is a pillar that must stand no matter how strong the Samson of evidence pushes against it. It is the balloon that must fly even when the furnace has run out of fuel. The consequences of loss of faith in deep time are so drastic, it makes one shudder to ponder them. So they keep asserting it. They keep repeating it. They keep teaching it. It is their Law of the Misdeeds and Perversions that cannot be revoked (Daniel 6:8).

Here’s what normal people not yet brainwashed can do about this. Print color sheets of dinosaur soft tissue, with the references included, and hand them out to friends and even strangers on college campuses, parks, or wherever it is appropriate to greet people. Tell them in a friendly, winsome manner, “Hey, see this? This is a photo micrograph of DNA and proteins. Guess where scientists found it? In dinosaur bones.” Pause and let the fact sink in. If the person looks stunned or befuddled, say, “This was published in the journal Nature a few days ago.” You don’t need to say any more. If the person is interested, you can add, “Not long ago, scientists were claiming that DNA decays so rapidly, it could hardly last one million years. But they say dinosaurs died out 66 million years ago. These cells here are claimed to be 125 million years old, twice as old as that. What do you think?” If appropriate, you can add that cells and original material has also been found in fossils said to be 600 million years old. As a clincher, you can say that carbon-14 has also been found in dinosaur fossils, and in diamonds, but it decays so quickly, it cannot last more than 100,000 years even if you started with a whole planet made of carbon-14.

Play it by ear, but the pictures alone can have a lot of influence. This is how pro-lifers have made progress against the seemingly implacable abortion industry: sharing photos of babies in the womb, and showing what abortion actually does. A grassroots effort can effect major change. That’s how Christianity brought down the Roman empire with all its idolatry and persecution. It succeeded one soul at a time.

Radio pastor Bob Enyart maintained a great page of journal references to dinosaur soft tissue, which is (for now) still available here. […]

—<Quote ends>—

1Believers say a lot of words… but God sees the heart, and cannot be deceived. Christians who trust in the words of evil, lying “experts” for lawless pleasures and profits can expect to suffer loss and humiliation.

Our secret sin WILL be found out.

It’s time to drive all wickedness out from our lives.


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