Pagans Don’t Read

Pagans also don’t believe in following long chains of logic.

Yes: I am exaggerating. But not by much, and my claim is becoming more true with each passing year.

It takes work to read, and more work to read deeply.

It takes work and thought to think carefully and logically.

Why should any pagan do this, if reality – and, even more importantly than reality, political power – is determined by what they feel, and by the mob?

Why work so hard to see the truth, when the truth does not matter in a Darwinian universe: only the drive to survive – the drive for power – does?

I suggest that you read the whole article yourself. But to summarize (drastically), academics in America were conducting interviews with IRA fighters, conducted to preserve history.

The police of Northern Ireland heard of those tapes, and decided to seize them as evidence.

Lots and lots of legal fights kicked in.

To know what’s going on, you have to read the judges’ ruling, and know something about the law.

The reporters weren’t interested in the hard work of understanding what’s going on. They just wanted the hot headline, the money shot.

So now that the stage has been set:

From: Chris Bray is Stupid and Evil written by Chris Bray *cough*

—<Quote begins>—

First, as I traveled to Boston to go to court, and as I wracked up PACER charges downloading legal briefs and judicial orders, I would have email exchanges with newspaper reporters who wanted me to tell them what had happened. I would shoot back an email message that said, “Judge’s ruling attached,” and they would reply, “Yeah, saw the attachment, what does it say?”

Over two years, through events in a trial court and in an appellate court, with multiple parties pursuing complicated and divergent courses, reporters would not read. They wouldn’t read the 40-page legal briefs filed by the lawyers for all the competing sides, but they also wouldn’t read a three-page order from a judge. They would not read, period. They wanted the tl;dr, in a sentence or two. “Yeah, what’s it say?”

In our own moment, I remain extremely confident that the flood of bullshit like this…

…is being slopped out by people who DRS — who Don’t Read Shit — about the topic they cover. Somebody in a government agency shot this dude an email message that said COVID VACCINES ARE MIRACLE DRUGS EVERYONE SHOULD GET THEM, and he said to himself, “Miracle drugs, got it!” We’re plagued by an army of people who pour “information” into the world based on two Twitter posts and a text message, after a full three to five seconds of deep thought:

My guy at the CDC says the vaccines are great, so.

Second, as I wrote about the implications of the subpoenas, I made complicated arguments about complicated events — forty years of complicated events, because subpoenas for interviews about a 1972 murder arrived at Boston College in 2011, and American courts wrestled with the problem into 2012. (And British courts wrestled with it until the late months of 2019, but more about that in a moment.)

To aggressively summarize a years-long public discussion, I said that the subpoenas would destroy the ability of academic researchers to get people to talk to them about dangerous topics, limiting the scope of future research (about which, see also the case of Rik Scarce).

But also, I said, the cost to future researchers wasn’t worth the value of the material the police would get, because the police “investigation” was a farce.


After four decades of no effort at all, I argued, police weren’t actually investigating; rather, they had discovered that someone else had investigated, and they were running to Boston to borrow someone else’s work. Putting a tape in a machine and pressing play, I said, wasn’t investigating, and the laziness of the effort would doom it.

Link rot and the destruction of old comment systems makes it hard for me to show you this, but as I wrote in the Irish press, the American academic press, a group blog for academic historians in the United States, and my own sad little blog, every argument I made was dismissed as pro-IRA idiocy. The police are investigating a murder, you fucking moron! What the hell is wrong with you, IDIOT!?!? Commenters explored the precise cause and scope of my breathtaking idiocy: Is this Chris Bray person just really stupid, or is he, like, working for the terrorists? Above all, a small army of Internet Experts™ knew that my analysis was totally wrong, and the play wouldn’t end the way I said it would. The police would get the tapes, and then the police would get the killers. People are going to prison, you fucking idiot!

The police did get the tapes. Detectives from the Police Service of Northern Ireland flew to Boston, collected the tapes from the Department of Justice, and flew back to Belfast with them. Here’s what happened next:

Pretty much nothing.

Police arrested Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams, who has long been suspected of having been the Provisional IRA commander who gave the orders for McConville’s murder and disappearance. They confronted him with the taped voices of people saying he did it; he shrugged and said he was awfully confused that people would tell such strange lies about him. Then he was released from jail, the end, effectively washed clean by the unspoken admission that the police couldn’t prove it. They pressed “play” on the tape machine and everything, but even tough investigative steps like that didn’t bring Adams down.

—<Quote ends>—

Pagans don’t read, and pagans don’t follow long chains of logic.

They also don’t learn from history… assuming they can even grasp the significance of anything that happened that can’t be used to gain money or power Right Now.

As you might guess, the government school systems have zero interest in changing this.

Now, as far as I know Chris Bray is a pagan – into sexual autonomy et al. as per Social History is in Your Pants – and he self-evidentially knows how to read, and to follow chains of logic, and knows how history works too.

He even knows something about serious journalism, as compared to merely reciting government press releases.

He jus has his blind spots: say, on how the decline of marriage leads to poverty; how breaking our promises to our wives leads to breaking our words in business and politics; how sexual confusion and delusion leads to legal corruption, demographic sterility, and the destruction of multi-generational societies.

As well as favouring short-term consumption “just for me, right now” over long-term wealth generation and production “for a thousand generations” leads to a curse on the nation.

“But sexual autonomy and personal pleasure is more important than all that.”

From small corrupt seeds, civilization-devouring rot grows.

But let it be noted: it was the Puritans who first placed personal feeling and experience above the explicit, objective Law of God in extending the covenant to future generations. The evil seed was not planted by unbelievers.

It is time for Christians to learn how to read; how to follow long chains of logic, and so give just judgement; to respect and learn from history.

Our rebellious – but oh so pious! – forefathers planted the sin.

We must end the generational curse.

We must rip out the tares, and the worthless fig trees, from the roots.

(Radical = of the root.)

Those who hate God – on the pulpit, and on the street – have chosen death (and madness, and lawlessness).

We who stand with God must choose life (and objective reality, and lawfulness).

Bray concludes:

—<Quote begins>—

So yes: No one was convicted on any charges relating to the murder of Jean McConville, and now we’ll know less about the past. We’ve burned some history for no clear reason. The thing I said would happen is the thing that happened.

I will never forget the experience of evaluating evidence, reading hundreds or thousands of pages of court records, flying across the country to watch judicial proceedings, digging through historical documents, and coming to a set of reasoned conclusions that I presented logically and with facts — only to hear that you fucking idiot, the police say that this is a serious murder investigation, who are you to doubt that?

The POLICE, Chris! They SAY! Are you questioning the official explanation?


You’ll dig, you’ll discuss, you’ll think and re-think, you’ll evaluate evidence and look for more, you’ll work to make an argument and to invite engagement with it, and you will — always — be angrily dismissed by people who repeat something they saw on the Huffington Post and never thought to question.

There is no point to caring about the things people like this say to you, or about you. Be who you are. Do your work.

—<Quote ends>—

What We Must Do

Christians must learn to read, if we want to be a governing class.

A better governing class than the increasingly illiterate Betters over us.1

Then, after reading, we must be able to reread, and consider what we are reading, and digest what we are reading.

We must learn to think God’s thoughts after Him. Not merely do ceremonies and sing ditties and quote our favourite verses.

Righteousness and justice – in the public legal system, and our private lives – is more important than God than any number of ceremonies and rituals.

The secular academics, media, and politicians will make certain that there are no secular successors to even partial truth-tellers, thinkers, and reasoners like Chris Bray.

That’s were we come in.

But, unlike the secular Bray, we will not merely complain about the idiot New Order. As the assembly of the saints, we can actually do something about it.

We can rest on an objective law and an objective moral code that Bray explicitly denies. And we can call upon a universal law, enforced by God, that Bray can never leverage.

Stupid and Evil

We are, naturally, as stupid and as evil as Chris Bray is.

There is no real way that Christian sinners are, in any way, morally superior to Pagan sinners.

Sinners are sinners: and sinners deserve death.

We deserve condemnation: but not because of some idiot Twitter Mob and it’s arbitrary and unpredictable quest for power, but because of our real sins and our real evil and our real lies, as seen and rightfully judged in the eyes of the inescapable Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Christians are judged by a higher, and harder, standard than pagans are.

To know God more, is to be held in stricter account by Him.

But we can repent (and know that we need to repent!).

And we can call upon Christ, who is wise and good, to cover our sins and direct our steps.

And with the Holy Spirit within us, with our sins forgiven, we can build a better world.

Something radically decentralized, which cannot be corrupted by tyrants, religious or secular or tribal or corporate or military.

A multitude of small states and free societies, united by the Crown of Jesus and His Law-Word, and not by any fleshy sinful tyrant.

A multitude of small Natural Aristocracies, unable to steal from the watchful public to pad their own lifestyles and power, which rise and fall by their actions as judged by God, and not by guns and money and lies and media control.

Chris Bray understand the works of the law: he knows (some) truly stupid and (some) truly evil actions, and can call them by their right name, more or less.

We can do better than he can, and change the world and the culture too, as we have a better standard of measurement than “It looks foolish and illogical”.

We can do what he cannot, if we are serious about the Kingdom of God, His righteousness and justice and truth, as Christ wants us to be.

To have the Law written on your heart, is better than just knowing the Works of the Law.

Partial obedience to God, His righteousness, His justice, His Law-Word, isn’t enough.

Jesus Christ rightfully demands more than this.

Filled with His Holy Sprit, obedient to His word, we can be worthy servants, build His Kingdom, and leave a fruitful and expanding legacy.

We can.

Therefore, we must.

1And there WILL BE a governing class, a Ruling Class, an Elite. The question is who defines and decides the governors, who decides who rules, how do you get into the elite.

Who decides that A is a Better Man than B?

Christians must teach that God and His Law-Word defines who is better. Who should rule. What the law is.

Who should be blessed… and who should be cursed.

In public, and in private.

For, while neither the State, nor the Church, nor the Family, rules all of live… God does.

And even more important, Christians must be the first to submit to the Law of God, and the first to submit wholeheartedly before the Law, in public and in private.

With God’s Holy Spirit giving us the strength and the wisdom to follow the law inscribed on our hearts, and earn the right to rule, under Jesus Christ.

And understand that what Christ gives as a reward for obedience, can be taken away as punishment for disobedience.

Our pagan, secularist Betters insist that there are no consequences. That neither history nor logic nor truth matters: only our feelings truly shape reality. That there is no Law, except what Powerful Men say is the Law.

And even if there are consequences… so what?

“That’s for the next generation to worry about. Not us.”

We know different. And it’s about time we did different.

And WE must care for the future THEY obviously couldn’t care less about.

(And actually murder outright, if given the chance and a pleasing motivation.)


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