Democrats Are Running for the Lifeboats

From Democrats Are Running for the Lifeboats

—<Quote begins>—

Thanks, Christine Ross.

It is certainly commendable and even admirable to see Dinesh D’Souza expose vote fraud.

Nevertheless, this is a really bizarre video.

He triumphantly announces a Red Wave in November after making a video on election fraud.

Gee, I remember in 2020 when we gleefully anticipated a Trump victory.

What makes him think that what happened to Trump won’t happen again?

—<Quote ends>—

It would be very interesting, if Republicans – elite and commoner alike – decide that their votes literally don’t matter, when Democrats decide that they don’t matter.

A literal one-party state, instead of a play-pretend Punch’n’Judy show of “an echo, not a choice”? Interesting…

The only way to change this equation is anti-fraud work on the ground, coupled with the disestablishment of electronic voting. Paper ballots can be physically counted, but data can always be manipulated.


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