The Ape-Man Scam

Here, we have actual men who were pushed down to “ape-men”.

… despite their still being used as  examples of our supposed primitive ancestors in  popular movies and catchy commercials such as the  ‘simple enough a caveman can do it’ ones,  this idea Neanderthals were sub-human was always a false imposition upon the facts,  rather than derived directly from them.

Here, just a set of outright fakes.

Only after 4 decades was the evidence re-examined and shocker of shocks, was revealed as a complete fraud. It wasn’t  even a good, one, as one could easily see  how the teeth from the jawbone had been filed down to make them look more human, and the bones had been chemically treated  to make them look very old. It was simply  a combination of an old human skull and  a modern ape jawbone stuck together.

The reason this example is still raised  today from anti-evolutionary thinkers  is not simply to ‘rub it in’ that one specific evidence for evolution has been disproven.  It is more to point out that the acceptance and  promotion of such evidence by professionals for  over 40 years can only be attributed to –
1. pathetic scientific acumen displayed by the  evolutionary scientists of the day that examined  the evidence, or
2. due to an agenda that made  people willing to overlook the obvious fraud,  in order to accomplish its ideologic goals.

Such scientific naïveté on behalf of  the hundreds of people involved in the  production of museum grade copies of the exhibit – distributed to various museums around the world,  as well as the production of numerous text-book  diagrams and descriptions based on the evidence, all not detecting the fraud, seems highly  suspicious, or perhaps negligent, at best.

The core assumption of “there is no truth, there is no law, there is only power” fits Darwinians like a glove.

But we can’t go down the road they do.

Note that while the particular lie of Piltdown Man lasted four decades of mysteriously incurious scientists, the fraud of Darwinism itself has lasted for 200 years.

The success of telling lies people want to believe does not give us permit to whip up our own silly frauds. We must stick with the truth of observational science, and when we rely on faith, we should spell it out – the way Darwinians never do.

We should, and must, pay the price to retain our integrity.
So we can stand, long after they have fallen.1

At least they didn’t just file down bones to fit the Narrative this time.

Now, statues portraying Lucy in museums  to this day display her walking upright,  with human-like hands and feet. However, when  Lucy was found she never had hands or feet,  these depictions were completely  assumed based off the footprints  found 15,000 km away, with no  other physical evidence whatsoever!

And scientists have since found other, more  complete skeletons of such Australopithecines, which do include hand and feet bones. From them, we can make a pretty safe guess that Lucy’s  hands had long, curved fingers suited for climbing in trees, and that Lucy’s feet had  opposable toes seen in the hand-like feet of apes that could easily grab and allow her to be a good climber. She didn’t have human-like feet.

And detailed studies of the inner ear, skulls and bones suggest that “Lucy” and her kind were not in fact ‘on  the way’ to becoming human anytime soon. They may have walked more upright  than most apes, but not like humans. You see, once all of the evolutionary ideologies  and interpretations are stripped away, Australopithecus afarensis is very similar  to what we simply call a pygmy chimpanzee.

This is known to Darwinian scientists today.

You’ll be waiting a long time before textbooks get around to dropping the old, demonstrably false, but culturally useful Narratives.

Progressives enjoy dehumanizing their enemies.

  • It helps when you can silence, censor, and suppress them.
  • Or re-arrange the evidence to steal their humanity.
  • Or foist humanity on the non-human to equate the life of animals with (the wrong kind of) men.

We need a better Ruling Class.

A Ruling Class that stays humble, in fear of the Lord above them… The Lord whose Word is Law, has eyes to see and a mouth to speak, and is willing to use the sword when His own people gets out of line, as surely as He will use it against His official enemies.

And it must be a Personal Someone at the head of Society: propped-up impersonal abstractions like The State or The People are just cardboard idols, whose word is like water in the hands of Experts and Priests and Ideologues.

Fake gods with their fake laws are worthless.

We need Jesus Christ and His Law-Word.

A King whose rule is grounded in truth, not lies pushed by exalted Experts.

Or exalted Priests. Or exalted Politicians, or Warriors, or Kings, or Tycoons.

The Word of God, not the Word of Mighty Men, is the foundation we need.

1I would strongly argue that when Darwin falls, it won’t be because it was disproven: that was scientifically and intellectually done long ago, from viable dinosaur blood to actually doing the calculations needed for a beneficial mutation, to comparing the planetary phenomena we see to what is predicted by the Deep Time crowd, to the problematic issues of Carbon14 testing.

It will fall when there is no more grant money in it, and no social prestige to be gained in preaching it.

(And when there are more young skeptics digging into the guts of Darwin, than young Atheists interested in mastering the details. Modern secularists are far better known for their love of conformity, than for demanding logical, consistent evidence.)

The more Christian children stay off Twitter and Instagram, and into serious books that demand intellectual engagement and consideration, the more sooner — and more absolute! — our victory will be.

It’s time for the good guys to win, and the bad guys to lose.

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