Gary North Books I, II… and Bumper Stickers

I have chosen to host quite a number of Gary North’s works on this website. And why not – he encouraged the widespread hosting/distribution of his works.

My major dispute is with his understanding of the covenantal tithe: following Bojidar Marinov and Stephen Perks, I don’t see the Biblical justification of a priest/pastor dichotomy over the congregation, nor do I see the Lord’s Supper nor Baptism being the exclusive property of a unBiblical priesthood that reigns over the laity.

This did not do Jesus. Nor Paul, for that matter.

The Kingdom of God is a Social Order, and THAT is what we are to build. Not a church hierarchy, or a priestly bureaucracy, or a spiritual princedom of experts, certified from some non-Biblical seminary system.

For the commandments of God to rise, the traditions of men must fall.

That being said, there is a vast amount of good work that North published, and none of us are without flaws, or without sin. Read what he wrote; much of it cries out for use and application in our families & businesses, and our assemblies and civil courts.

We cannot win, unless we are willing to work.

Bumper Stickers

God owns everything.
We owe God everything.
God makes the rules.
Profit and loss are the sanctions.
Economic growth is morally imperative.

On Completing Phase 2 of My Lifetime Calling
Gary North

Not only financial profit and loss:
heaven and hell.

Eternal life and eternal death.

Gary North was absolutely right to base his economics on the hard bedrock of Christian truth. We would do well to imitate him here.

And not just economics and the proper understanding of the Free Market, either.

Everything should be grounded on the law-word of Jesus Christ, from astronomy to molecular biology, history to physics to biology.

But to do the job right, as Gary North did with economics, demands hard work.

Let’s get started, guided by the Holy Spirit, and get our heavenly crown.


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