One Man, One Vote, and Milk

From Gary North, Critical Mass, Part XXI: Milk and Meat

—<Quote begins>—

One Man, One Vote

Church elders should be meat eaters, yet we all know of milk drinkers who have wound up as elders. There are even bottle-fed elders whose wailing can sometimes be silenced with pacifiers. How do they get elected? As representatives of milk drinkers who recognize their own.

The problem that every congregation faces is that the milk drinkers always outnumber meat eaters. Yet in most Protestant congregations – and all independent congregations – the milk drinkers have the controlling votes. Churches give the vote to every baptized adult member. Some Presbyterian churches even give the vote to children who are eligible for communion. There is no acceptance of two-tiered church membership: communing members and voting members. There is no church that limits the vote to tithers. If only the tithers could vote, meat eaters would be more likely to be in control.

The structure of authority in the modern church is socialistic. The Protestant church provided the operational model for socialism’s graduated income tax. Everyone votes, and those who do not tithe have more votes than those who do tithe. The church set the standard for politics. The Protestant church adopted democratic socialism as a government ideal long before the modern State did.

So, final church sanctions are in the hands of milk drinkers. When voting membership is by simple profession of faith, the spiritual wisdom of the lowest common denominator is low indeed. This is the dilemma of every church that allows all communing members to vote.

—<Quote ends>—

In the time of the Apostle Paul, as well as today, there was a strong market for milk.

Fortunately, those who wanted meat could link with other believers, and after/before the fellowship meal could start digging for meat in the Bible, rather than be chained to the leader the milky-majority prefers.

It’s even easier now, than in the first century A.D.

The church need not submit to the authority of a priestly leader, standing between the laymen and God. No need for votes or an hierarchy to pick a king, or a priest, to lead the assembly of God, the Body of Christ.

We already have a Head, Jesus Christ. We don’t need a second one.

And every believer is called to become a king, a priest, a prophet, under Christ… and not under some sinner, claiming control of the Lord’s Supper and Baptism (without Biblical sanction), and who will fixate on his own needs for his tiny kingdom and powerbase, instead of Christ, His Kingdom, and His command to disciple the nations.


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