Revolution is Easy. Reconstruction is Hard

A partial requote from the sci-fi blog.

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The Shared Core

Of course, both Traveller and Massif [right-wing and left-wing sci-fi role-playing games) come from a Darwinian materialist/humanist perspective: “Power justifies all things.”

The word of the Emperor – or of the Third Committee – is law. Period.

(I bet far-future Stalin, a true expert on staffing the bureaucracies with his people, is already well on his way to the top of the power-pyramid of the Union.)

Build the Future

What can Christians learn from all this?

  • The past is dead. Learn the lessons, sure, but don’t live there. We are not Muslims, nor Communists, nor Monarchists, nor Darwinist. History didn’t stop in the 7th century, or in 1917, or with Emperor Augustus, or with the Rise of the White Race Over All.
    • It didn’t stop with Jesus either: we are expected to do greater works than the God-Man Himself did!
  • As Gary North insisted, politics fourth. (At best.) Not first. The quest for power over others is a fool’s fantasy. Chalcedon rightly pounds on this over and over again: the Christian man is the self-governing man.
    • Sure, if others want to follow your lead, lend a hand. But if they don’t, respect their life, property and liberty, and let them go their own way. There is One Law for All: not one law for the Right Bloodlines or the Inner Party, and another law for the Inferiors.
  • Massif – but not Traveller – has the usual leftist certainty of unquestioned moral superiority: “something that always helps with the killing, the lying, and the stealing.”
    • There are plenty of people who are deeply eager to Do Unto Others.
      I am not one of them: I have no interest in gaining power over other people, without accountability, without consequences, and without limit.
      I admit, though, that it’s better for the wicked to indulge their power fantasies in games – Traveller or something else – than in the real world.
  • Traveller has a certain built-in humility: the Third Imperium died. The Nobility fundamentally failed in their goals. Actual Death and inescapable Failure does exist. Good intentions do not outweigh the logical, inevitable consequences of our choices.

(Sticks tongue at Kant.)

Traveller simply has a better, longer, more interesting, and more honest story, than some deeply pious (and strictly secular!)1 tale about “How I Am Always Right, and You Are Always Wrong.”

The taste of truth, however bitter, is far more satisfying than an eternal rewriting (a.k.a. lying, usually by omission & the occasional half-truth) of history to protect your sweet righteous purity.

And finally, on how we need not be trapped in the past:

You can never grow if you can never admit fault. Muslims will not grow, as they will never admit fault in Mohammed: so there will never be equal justice for all, or even equal justice between Islamic men and Islamic women.

Marxism will never grow, as they can never admit fault with Marx. So the oppression will continue, and the Party will always choose to impoverish the people to protect its power. Ask the Chinese for details. (Or the Venezuelans. Or the North Koreans. Or the Cubans.)

Unlike them, we can grow, as we can admit fault in ourselves. We can measure ourselves against the word of God… as opposed to the word of some power-seeking, self-serving sinner.2

And when Christians see where we fall short of the mark?

  • We can choose to repent, and so we can choose to inherit the future.
  • Or we can choose not to… and be left behind by God as worthless salt and worthless servants, to be ground into the dust under the heels of powerful men.

Either way, God is going to get his victory, in time and on earth.

With us, or without us.

The Spirit of Revolution

Without truth and justice – as defined by God, and not by powerful and wealthy men (and their organizations/control tools, be it Church or State or Party) – the civil government is only chaff, dead straw flying in the wind.

Or even better, just a great big robbery, as Augustine noted, which degrades to more wind-blown chaff and dust.

Even the wealth, the wisdom, and the might of the greatest Imperia of real history – Roman, British, Chinese, Soviet, American – could not change that.

 I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.

Ezekiel 21:27, King James version

Now, this is the spirit of a Divine revolution!

But keep your eyes on the English Standard Version:

A ruin, ruin, ruin I will make it. This also shall not be, until he comes, the one to whom judgment belongs, and I will give it to him.

Ezekiel 21:27, English Standard Version

Revolutions are destructive things.

As is the judgement of God.

Christ taught His people to not revolt against the Roman Imperial oppressor.

And rightly so: for one thing, the pious Zealots waiting in the wings would no doubt prove to be ten times worse than the Emperor-worshipping pagans were.

For another thing… the Romans aristocracy, just like the Progressive aristocrats of today, or the Bloodline aristocrats of the 19th century, live only to hold on to power and to fading past glories. There is no need for the violence and pain of insurrection and war, when their world is already aging out.

Violent revolutions always end up centralizing more power into the hand of an unaccountable Chosen Few.

Better to let the dead quietly slip into their graves. We build the future, as they retreat into their dreamworlds.

While we’re at it, let’s stay out of the grasp of some Committee of the People. Or an aristocratic Public Benefactor.

Or the mystical advice of a Pious Priest/Pastor and his Special, Anointed Connection with God.


“And what about the corporate tycoons?”

“They are just small fry, in the end. Money is no substitute for guns, or political power. Nor is money a substitute for wisdom, or righteousness, or justice, or the favour of God. At best money, even a large corporation, is just a sophisticated tool, like a car or a good book. Whether you use it well or poorly, whether it serves you or you serve it, is up to you to decide.”

Free Men, Building the Kingdom of God

Moses organized a bottom-up government, every group of ten men (“ten family heads,” I would say today, as women are part of the covenant now: “baptism, not circumcision”) having their own ruler, then every group of fifty men, then every hundred men, then every thousand men. Everyone was to handle their own affairs: only difficult cases they could not resolve got kicked up the legal appeal system. (Exodus 18:13-37, paraphrased)

I like my governments decentralized.

Far more importantly, God does too.

Whenever I remember that that God explicitly turns His back on the power-hungry centralizing types – religious and secular, under the Party or under the Dynasty – I get more joy in my heart, a larger smile on my face, and a snappier skip in my step.

Let the humanists – left and right – dream of freezing time, of forcing an Endless Return loop into the safety of the past.

Christians have other business to attend to, and a future to build.

Smashing things in a revolution is easy. Murder, theft, lies are easy. Tyranny is easy.

Building a civilization is hard. Bearing and raising children, obeying the law, speaking the truth at your cost, that is hard. Liberty and self-governance is hard.

Dying is easy. Living is hard.

Pointing out the guilt of others is easy. Acknowledging your own guild is hard.

Christians are called to do the hard thing. To uphold the Law.

To insure that our enemies – and their lives, their property, and their liberty – are also under the protection of the Law.

THAT is the way of Christ, and the way of life, and the way to a future worth talking about.

Something that is not a retread of some dead thing in the past. Either left- or right-wing.

1If you are wondering about how these Progressives got so very pious and so very godless…. it’s because you are using the wrong definition of the word “God”. To understand their definition of God, you need to look at the mirror with their eyes.

2I hear that a particular group of power-seeking, self-serving, deeply pious men – priests and pastors and seminary professors – have chosen to place themselves between the common believer and God.

“For the good of church unity and authority.”

Just as humanists like love hunger to play the information gatekeeper, deciding what you may and may not hear and learn.

“For the good of society’s unity and stability.”

To break their crippling hold on your mind – necessary, before breaking their crippling hold on the Body of Christ – I recommend reading

Righteousness, justice, fellowship, self-sacrifice and love – not piety, not ritual, not mystical power-pyramids – is the focus of Biblical faith.

First things first.

Politics can wait.

—<Quote ends>—


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