Kuyper, the Latest Page

Long-time visitors may notice the new Kuyper page on the page menu bar, where (with permission) I am storing a number of works from the Kuyper Foundation. A few of their works have taught me some good truths, so I got all the PDFs to present them to you – and to future generations.

Also here are the Gary North works. They are not complete, but his most substantial works on Economics and the Bible are here. There’s more and better theology and applied Christian teaching here – for the man, for business, for the nation, and for civilization as a whole – than you are going to get in 40 years of ordinary sermons.

Two years ago, I also put up Bojidar Marinov’s works on my site. They are quite valuable, both for missionaries and for the intellectually curious interesting in re-establishing and refreshing a better, more godly Christendom. “Less of man’s traditions, more of God’s commandments. Less about mighty men and religious organizations, and more of the Holy Spirit and discipling the nations – people and their various governments, civil and familial.”

Apage written long ago – but still applicable – are the Ron Paul Curriculum (RPC) . We need Christian leaders who will build a free and godly society, and that is where RPC comes in.

Finally, there is my old sci-fi work, Across the Stars. Easily the least important and useful of the material here, but it has sentimental value and was the original impetus for this website.

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