Weird Modern Art

A repost from the sci-fi blog, with minor editing.

—<Quote begins>—

Yeah, it’s weird.

Note that it’s truly modern art: impossible to do before today.1

On the other hand, it’s a LOT more interesting, coherent, and meaningful than some late 20th century nonsense about a toilet-sculpture or three stripes of colour selling for millions.

Also, this art – unlike Jackson Pollock drip painting – actually took real work to put together. Real excellence demand a price, a price Max0r was willing to pay for his audience of over a million.2

Instead of putting something together slap-dash, and getting a few wealthy fools to pay.

The future is… odd. But, it’s shaping up to be better than I expected.

If we can get more real fellowship and friendships going – families too – the future actually has a chance to be impressive!3

1 Not just internet & useful computers, but also serious processing and storage capacity, and good bandwidth.

2 I expect that audience to grow.

2 A.K.A. Ditch the priests/pastors distinctions, and restore the Lord’s Supper as fellowship and feast, not a dead ritual. Culture is religion externalized, and we need to get our religion in gear to rebuild our culture. That means figuring out what went wrong, and tossing it out.

And I think we all know what went wrong here. –> points to the Certified Professional Religious Men

—<Quote ends>—

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