The Surprising Relevance of Engineering in Biology

Christians would be quite intelligent, to pour more effort into engineering, mathematics, and the biological sciences.

It’s a good avenue for young children to investigate. Along with computer sciences (from workman-level competent programming to high-level cryptography) and mathematics.

Christ and His will must be Lord of everything. Including the hard sciences.

Anything else is just babble about “math is racist”, “the laws of physics are an invention of evil Europeans”, “our gender is whatever we want it to be”, yabba yabba do.

Jesus Christ is not a gnostic: the real, physical cosmos that He made is of value, and we must respect it.

Mastering the law, and upholding legal systems worthy of the name (i.e. Mosaic) rather than whatever arbitrary nonsense powerful people want at the moment (i.e. Secular), is also a step in the right direction.

It will take decades to raise up Christ’s standard as the formal law of the land: but there is a lot of spade work to be done, before we reach the mountain peak. Governing ourselves, our associations and churches and families, our civic groups and our businesses under God’s Word are the building blocks.

After the foundation is laid, the capstone can be secured.

But to reach that peak, we must earn the right to stand on it.

But reach there we must, even if it takes two, three generations.

God demands it.

Therefore, His people must do it.

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