Why is there very little sediment on the seafloor?

So – why is there very little  sediment on the seafloor? Simply put, because there hasn’t  been enough time to deposit as  much as should be there according to the  evolutionary time scale. But, once again,  what we observe matches very well with what  we’d expect according to biblical history.

Now, the facts – and their implications – don’t matter to our enemies.

But that’s to be expected: they are not interested in the truth, or “following the evidence, wherever it leads.”

Not with COVID, not with evolution, not with crime, not with economics, not with anything.

In contrast, Christians are to follow the physical evidence (and all other forms of factual truth).

The real world matters.

And it matters because God says it matters, and will judge us based on our actions in the real world. Our actions, as well as our thoughts, matter before His piercing eyes.

Now, connecting Biblical teaching is important, as Christ is to be Lord of all.

But in truth, the committed anti-Christians – who have been exalted in their positions, precisely because a majority European Christian population grew to detest the God who gave them wealth and power – will not change their mind for any reason, regardless of the evidence.

Fortunately, we are not called to change the minds of the walking dead, old men who have forged and reinforced their chains to hell, while blinding their eyes and spiking their ears.

We are to reach the young, the future, who is interested in the world around them, and want to know how things really are, how the laws that govern our physical and spiritual worlds really work.

Reality matters. And the One who created and directs reality matters most.

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