A Bit of Chinese History

I have little doubt that Beijing will, once again, use guns to steal wealth and secure power while impoverishing the general population – those uppity, loud, innovative and capitalists first and foremost.

That’s just how it is: the pragmatic Chinese have no believe in a transcendent law above power — Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, and power is the only deity the pragmatic worship. So they will live as they have always have: at the whim of the Party-god they have chosen to worship.

Observing the string of rewards said god has given to his devotees, I recommend that we remain close to the God of Abraham, and continue to teach the nations to obey Jesus Christ.

Who knows: after a 90% die-off by 2120, perhaps even the Chinese will prefer life to death, liberty to slavery, and prosperity to poverty.

But first, they must dump their idols of Party and Power.

“Thou shall have no other gods before Me.”

Artificial famines are a way of life, in proper Marxist cultures. It keeps the peasants in their place.

Dogs go back to their vomit… but God punishes according to knowledge. Rebellion today will cost more than rebellion yesterday.


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