Good News: Christian Chemist Saves the Planet in a Flash

From Creation Evolution Headlines, Christian Chemist Saves the Planet in a Flash, by David F. Coppedge

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It sounds too good to be true. Zap some junk car parts with this invention, and get instant graphene, a highly dense form of environmentally-friendly carbon that scientists have been drooling over for decades. Zap a piece of coal with it, or landfill plastic, and get the same product. The just-published process by Dr. James Tour of Rice University is groundbreaking for a sustainable economy, and breathtaking in its implications. It’s quick, cheap, easy to use, and could turn junkyards into supplies of material as good as gold. Dr Tour’s invention could usher in the much-discussed circular economy, where artificial waste gets completely recycled. New Scientist explains,

Graphene is a form of atom-thick carbon with a number of useful electrical and material properties. James Tour at Rice University in Texas and his colleagues have previously found that plastic could be converted into graphene via a process called flash joule heating, where material is heated to temperatures generally in excess of 2700°C by passing high voltages through it.

They have now worked with car manufacturer Ford to show that this graphene can be used to manufacture new parts for cars, and that those new parts can again be recycled into fresh graphene.

Watch Dr Tour and his students operate an earlier version of their device on YouTube. It looks for all the world like something Doc would have concocted in the fun fantasy world of Back to the Future, but it is real.

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There are a great number of benefits that cheaply converting plastics to graphite will bring. True: the process will also help reduce the “carbon footprint”, but this does not concern me nearly as much as eliminating plastics from landfills and the ocean.

Providing the poor with another reliable source of income — bringing in plastics that can be processed at a profit, and being paid for their work — also brings the approval of God, I would argue.

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For those who want to go more in-depth here.

The article also goes into What Is a Circular Economy and What Are Its Benefits?

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