The Ultimate Guide to Christian Art

Just re-posting an ad from kevron2001:

—<Quote begins>—

Access the full course here:…

I have been a digital artist and photographer for over a decade now, creating thousands of different images with a Christian focus. I want to share what I’ve learned over the past 12 years and show you how you can create this type of artwork as well. This is by far the biggest course I have ever created, with over 11 hours of content, several step-by-step tutorials, and full access to the PSD files, stock images, and brushes. After completing this course, you will be well equipped to create your Christian themed artwork and use your passions and tools to be an encouragement to others.

Files also included:
All PSD files for each of the 5 tutorial projects
All stock images for reach of the 5 tutorial projects
One basic brush pack (75+ brushes)
One space brush pack (10+ brushes)
All of the videos can either be streamed or directly downloaded.

Also, feel free to use any of the stock images and photoshop brushes in your own projects. I hope all of these resources are helpful for you to get started with making your own Christian artwork. Happy creating and good luck!

—<Quote ends>—

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