Walking Supply

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Mathew P. Vanderburg

One that reveals how perverse human beings can be.

Soviet concentration camp prisoners had a term for newly arrived prisoners, “walking supply . “

The older and more experienced prisoners took advantage of the innocence of the newer ones. They made friends with them, and recruited them with the excuse that together they could devise a plan to escape.

In fact, the only reason they recruited the new ones was to kill them and eat their bodies in case they ran out of food in the middle of the Siberian forest.

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<Insert inevitable Vargr joke here>

The Gulag Archipelago: An Experiment in Literary Investigation by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is a three-volume record that a Referee might be interested in.

The set details a real-world manifestation of the Society of Satan. It would be quite difficult for the PCs to survive there. But they can try.

Incidentally… from the Amazon reviews of the third volume:


What communists did to Russians was as bad or worse than what Nazis did to Jews.

I would add this practical piece of advice: Solzyenitsyn points out that almost all the people hauled away to the Gulag were done so not via forced round-ups of many people at once, but by being picked off by the security forces one by one. In other words, you, the victim, would be stopped in the street, the office, school or in his apartment/flat by one or two men with a car waiting nearby and told, sometimes even politely asked, to “come with us” (remember the scene in Godfather I when Tom Hagen was stopped by “the Turk” while exiting a store after X-Mass shopping and quietly told to “get in the car”?). And you’d go. This method has the virtue of being relatively quiet and hard to notice so that no would be rescuers really noticed the incident and no crowd would ever gather. You went quietly into the night.

So, the advice? Always make a BIG stink if anyone tries to take you away. A crowd will gather or someone will record the incident with a phone, perhaps even intervene. Thats your best hope. Someone has to see and bear witness.

Don’t quietly step into the waiting car of the secret police.

It’s the same lesson Ukraine has taught us: any significant, widespread level of resistance can and does change things drastically, on both the small and the great scale.


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