Schoolhouse Rocked

Just a pro-homeschooling DVD I’m happy to advertise for free here….

from Answers in Genesis Schoolhouse Rocked

—<Quote begins>—

This documentary highlights the revolution that’s taking place in education . . . a revolution that’s not taking place in the classroom! Homeschooling is booming in the US, and with the increasing anti-God content being pushed in government-run schools in the West, many more parents are considering pulling their kids from public education and teaching them at home. You can hear from education experts, curriculum developers, college and university faculty and administrators, and homeschooling families at every stage in the process, from kindergarten to college graduation and beyond. Along the way, you’ll watch host Yvette Hampton’s progression from a strong opponent of homeschooling to a reluctant homeschooler and first-time teacher to an outspoken advocate for this growing education revolution. It’s encouraging and will equip you to start homeschooling if you find that’s best for your family situation.”
— Ken Ham, CEO and Founder, Answers in Genesis

“‘Schoolhouse Rocked’ will rock your educational world to the foundations and give you and your kids great hope for the future! The old-school paradigm has proven broken and a new way of learning is here. Don’t miss this important film!”

— Kirk Cameron

—<Quote ends>—

Also on the webpage are various homeschooling & curricula for sale. The 20% deals end June 30, 2022, but even without the sale the material is worth investigating. This material includes:

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