Slaves Love Their Chains

Men WILL have a Lord and God to worship: a deity that naturally owns everything, and controls everything, but graciously permits His followers a portion of His wealth and a certain amount of liberty, to be used as they please… as long as they use it responsibility.

I am a Christian: therefore, the One who owns all is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is the One who lays down – and enforces – the Law. By His law, any taxation of 10% or over is illegal, a form of tyranny, and is to be instantly rejected from any Christian society.

(And, that is a total of 10%+, the total of national, state, local, city, county taxes is not permitted to breach this level.)

The State-Worshipers who dominate Europe dislikes this. So naturally, the higher the level of slavery and state control, the greener and more beautiful — the more blessed and fertile — life is. And the lower the top rate of taxes, the more redder and black — a.k.a. the more evil and sterile — the nation is.

Deceptive snakes with their promises of a god that can be controlled by men can use YouTube and graphic software. Surprise, surprise.1

We may not welcome the chains they adore.

We must continually resist any ruling class — especially any pointedly secularist ruling class, but even a let’s pretend Christian ruling class that has contempt for God’s laws on taxation — to take our money, our children, our liberty, our future, to promote THEIR cause: a legal order and culture that explicitly despises what God loves, and loves what God despises.

That means that, after we succeed in regaining our freedom and breaking our chains — and that will happen, in a decade or a century — we must accept personal responsibility to govern our money, our wealth, our children, our liberty, our future. This means not only accepting the rewards when we get it right, but the punishment when we get it wrong.

No King, no Master, but King Jesus.

(No Above-the-Law Leader or Party either. No Above-the-law Clergy, either!)

We must acquit ourselves like free men.

Not like slaves.

And not like thieves either: we must earn the money, to pay for the civilization we want.

Not steal the money from others via taxation, the way Progressives, Marxists, Fascists, Nazis, Muslims, and Hindus do.

God expects better from us.

PS: Note what is implied, when poor countries take 30%, 40%, 50% from their most successful citizens and put it in the pockets of the government. This “desirable state” — in the eyes of the envy-driven pro-European artist — strips the potential of economic growth from the population, but keeps the Ruling Class in the comfort, ease, and unlimited it has grown accustomed to.

(And Ruling Class here definitely includes the usual Marxist and dictatorial tyrannies. High taxation – strong chains – to keep the most successful free men in check covers over a multitude of human rights sins.)

1 “If the European nations are so fertile and blessed, why do they have so few children, and so deeply hate God – to the extent of driving out all Christians from the field of medicine, because they refuse to do abortions?”

“Shut up, and believe what the God-despising Statist tells you to believe!”

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