Soft Tissue and Dinosaurs

This business regarding soft tissue is what convinced me that Darwinism is not an empirical-agnostic scientific thesis which can be disproved, but a committed belief system that will be held regardless of evidence, and cannot be disproven.

Darwin is not a scientific conclusion, “following wherever the evidence leads”. It’s a presupposition, which is a non-negotiable part of an explicitly anti-Christian belief system.

But the scientific pose & posture of the Darwinians grows more preposterous day by day, as the evidence mounts against it day by day. Even now, it endures more by inertia, tradition, groupthink, and legal protection than anything else.

I doubt that Darwinism will last much longer than the university-funded educational system, and certainly not beyond the aging-out of the secularist state. As I have argued before, I can see some form of pantheism or panentheism take its place in the West whose intellectual elite still whole-heartedly despise Christianity… but will have an increasing need for some tool beyond money and guns to compel obedience from the masses.

This upcoming, vaguely spiritual/mystical belief system will have some loosely-defined moralistic basis, which can be interpreted by politically connected men to mean whatever they want, without fear of contradiction by the masses. Certainly, said newly constructed Western religion will have no hard-and-fast legal code that you can hold the powerful and the wealthy accountable to.

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